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Commissions Are Open (#EatYourFriendsDay) Posted 3 weeks ago
Totally forgot it was eat ya mates day, total coincidence, Coms are open!
Twitter Priscilla YCH! Posted 4 weeks ago
Lil heads up, doing a YCH over on twitter with my Big Girl Priscilla, vore n fuck included~
Community Server Invite link! (Perma) Posted 1 month ago
Gonna have a link to my sever over on my twitter, link will always be up!
Commissions Open For April! Posted 2 months ago
Submit ya commission ideas here!
NEW INVITE LINK! Posted 2 months ago
You horny fuckers already used up the invite link!

Here's another one~
Community Discord is now open! Posted 2 months ago
Opening up my server again, pop in if you dare -3-
You know the drill, fill in the horny form. Will Draw a horny for you for gold~
Commissions Are open! (Changes to commission form) Posted 6 months ago
From this point on all submissions posted on the form will be saved for the next time I open, so if you don't get picked this month there's a BIIIIIIG chance you'll get picked for next! Thats if you still want the slot of course. Just leave your contact info the form so I can run it up with ya when the times comes!

Also, submission form! Get to posting!
How to see my art early (Twitter/Telegram, Patreon Posted 7 months ago
SO! If you've noticed now and again I'll just do a big ol dump of art on here and FA, most it not all of that shit you can find a week or 2 earlier on Twitter/Telegram and even earlier on my patreon (Maybe even suggest what degenerate shit I draw next tooo over on my patreon~)

OH! And yeah patreon has some very exclusive content tooo, wont see that shit anywhere else >:3

Wonna see my shit earlier and support in the making of that shit? Head over to my patreon:

Wonna see things earlier in general? Here's me twitter -3-:

And Telegram!:
Commissions open for October/November! Posted 7 months ago
Fill out n submit a commission form here!

Very few slots this time around toooo, want to spend most of the month doing Halloween themed stuff! So better grab a slot while its hot!