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I'm On Picarto! (Links) Posted 5 hours ago
Well I've been on it for a while, but its been years since I've streamed. I'm really self-conscious about peeps watching but I'm starting to get more comfortable with it, so I'll be doing it way more. Probably will be multi-streaming with peeps when I do so If ya interested in that kinda thing feel free to throw me a follow! Will Mostly post on twitter when I do

Biiiiig Art Dump Tonight (Twitter lewds link) Posted 9 days ago
Opps, its been like 10 days since I uploaded anylewds here, my bad! Been mainly sketching and posting over on my twitter

Muh Twitter:

Expect a bunch of Virgil/Dolores and CuriousCat Question Sketches!
New Dolores Comic! Posted 1 month ago
Welp, seems about that time I got back to her, decided to do a lil mini comic for her but it kinda got out of hand... now its an 8ish page full vore with disposal monster XD

WIPS of page 1 and some wips of other pages goin up on patreon now!
Community Discord now open! Posted 2 months ago
I was gonna just have the discord open for a couple of days, but fuck it. Dis nibba now open -3-

Will probably be posting a perma link on my front page on fur, but for now here it is!
Mini update on gross content (Scat/Gore n stuff Posted 2 months ago
Ello bois

Since Fur somehow still doesn't have a working thumbnail system I'mma be moving the current scat content into scraps, and future super kink stuff like scat and gore will be Eka's only. However, I'll be uploading the thumbnails directly from Eka's to fur with links to Eka's from now on, until fur has a working thumbnail system.

In other words, you lewd fucks on Eka's wont notice a fucking thing XD

Not sure about Twitter yet, may stay the same or not, will throw up another update when I've decided.

Thanks for reading! More updates soon -3-
YCH ENDING TONIGHT! Posted 2 months ago
Ends in about 7hrs!

Bid here!
So I kinda purge ALOT peeps in my discord, idle peeps who mainly just lurk will be purged periodically (Patrons are exempt from this Obv) If you've been removed and would like to hop back in feel free to DM On Discord, if you'd like to join this lil lewd community feel free to also DM me XD
The Discord is mainly RP, chatting about random shit like games, spicy memes/shitpost and well... artistic shit posting >:3

Discord: Poet#2414
Bunch of slots available! DM here or on discord if interested!
SHAMELESS TWITTER PLUG! Posted 4 months ago
I post some sketches EXCLUSIVE sketches n shit on twitter, also better way to interact with you smut bois

Follow me for more lewds -3-
***REMINDER*** 4 Standard slots open! Posted 5 months ago
Decided to breakdown that comic slot into 4 smaller standard slots, feel free to DM here or discord if interested!