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Free PDF, with pics by Saxxon! Posted 3 months ago
If you go to

You can download the entire Mallory saga, including the Binge prologue, along with the four pics Saxxon has done so far, all in color!

It's a free download, but while you're there maybe check out the other things for sale at Earthbound, including other compilations of some of my work and the original Chews Your Own Adventure Pendant of Prosperity.
Just a quick addition to yesterday's post Posted 4 months ago
Regarding the donation drive going on this week, I realize I got too greedy when setting the milestones to unlock each pic. So I've cut them all, starting with $30 to unlock the BE SFW variant and going up in $30 increments from there.
Mini Donation Drive: Prisoner's Dilemma Version Posted 4 months ago
10 faves on the Sylvie base pic before I even finished posting it on my other accounts. Will it reach 100 by the time I wake up tomorrow morning? (And there's another two, make that 12.)

Not surprising that she's shaping up to be so popular, and I don't doubt that you would all love to see the alternate versions of her  bustyadopts is working on to go with her main pic. These are:

-A breast expansion version

-A pregnancy + breast expansion version

-NSFW nude versions of the base and both variants.

And I'm looking into getting a booty expansion version (with a NSFW alt) once I'm able to pay for those as well.

That's five other pictures coming down the pipe soon (as...
[ Continued ... ]
A new donation drive, because things are really bad Posted 4 months ago
My financial troubles are really horrible right now, worse than I expected on Saturday, so I'm doing a donation drive with the potential benefits being more pictures of Lustful Neko Sasha shared in my free galleries.

The full details are here

but the short of it is at $60 I'll upload the BE pic of her, and for every $30 after that I'll upload the BE + pregnancy pic and the three NSFW work alternates of her three pictures.

Time is a factor here, so the more donations I can get in today, September 7th, the better.

My Ko-Fi is here
State of the Kingdom 9.4 Posted 4 months ago
The full post can be read at my dA account

But the tl;dr version is

1) I'm dealing with some money issues right now, so I'm highlighting donation drives I've got going on (one dedicated to weight gain, one to hpreg expansion) and I will be making changes to my Patreon and Ko-Fi accounts in the next couple days

2) I have over a dozen stories and vignettes planned or owed, so for the next month my docket is pretty full. But because of the money troubles I just mentioned I've highlighted the donation drives.

Again, full details in the journal.
The Calling master document Posted 1 year ago
Someone asked for a list of all the stories characters from The Calling come from, as well as all the vignettes in the donation drive so far.

So here's a master list of everything, organized by lady or ladies (as the situation warrants). Enjoy.
The Calling, an extreme weight gain (and often vore) donation drive Posted 1 year ago
Just wondering, is there anybody following me here on Eka's who isn't already following me on Deviant Art and/or Patreon? Do you not know what The Calling is, or the fact that it's still going on?