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YCH13 Status Posted 2 years ago
Hey, I thought I'd update here. For those wondering about YCH13, it just needs to be lined. The sketch is fully complete.

I had to hold off on it after how long YCH12 took in order to catch up on Patreon Work. However, last month I got hit hard with a bout of depression, creative burnout, and what many of my patrons think was sort of a backlash from all the stress I was feeling about the money i owed. This resulted in me missing about a full week of work while I tried to work through it.

The effect of this was that since last month was a SUPER busy month, I wound up being over a week late in some rewards, only have just finished all...
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TWO YCHs at ONCE?! Posted 2 years ago
Yes hello, I know this seems like a weird choice, I'm here to explain it.

I had two new YCH ideas: One Same Size, one Micro/Macro. Both ideas I been wanting to toy with for a while.

On top of that, the deadline for the money I need to raise is approaching fast and I only need a bit more. With Eka's going down for an extended period of time, I felt like I might not be able to do the two I figured I needed, plus give me time in case I needed one more emergency one. On top of that, I figure the two targets are totally different audiences.

I hope you can understand why I'm doing this and don't take it as some kind of greedy attempt to flood the market or something. Something like this shouldn't happen again, I'm just sort of in panic mode and I...
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Eka's Outage in March - Where to Find Me and My Work Posted 2 years ago
Posting this just in case anyone following doesn't know about the alternate places I post my work. As you may have heard, there will be several outages in March on the site while Eka moves the server, which means my normal posting schedule for work may become interrupted, but only here. It WILL all get posted here (save for the loli content), but you can see my work sooner in other places.

The quickest way to see my work is through Patreon. At the $3+ tier, you have access to the Discord where I post everything in organized Channels. You need to be $5+ to actually chat, tho. Besides art, the Patreon Discord is a great place with a wonderful community full of supportive, like-minded people. I try my best to foster positivity and supportiveness there, and will work one on...
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11 Hours Left in YCH Posted 2 years ago
Get your last bids in!
Emergency Funding with YCH Posted 2 years ago
I need to build up some pretty hefty funds in the coming months, so while looking for ways to quickly earn that extra scratch, some of my Patrons suggested holding another YCH. It's been almost 4 years since the last one. Depending on how this YCH turns you, you may see a couple more in the near future.

In addition, I'm going to interrupt my scheduling plans a bit to try and tackle my backlog of Commissions a little. These were planned to get done all at once in a big rush after some owed Patreon work, but I may have to knock out the first few ASAP.

I should be doing a few extra illustration pieces for Patreon this month as well, I've already lined one, so if you'd like to help out and see my work sooner, feel free to Pledge!
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Aesir on CuriousCat - AMA, Lore, Character Questions? Posted 2 years ago
I apologize that I often forget to announce things here. I've set up a CuriousCat attached to my Twitter where I'll answer basically any questions you have. Some are lore related, some are character related, and some are about me.

Hit me up with questions if you like, they're fun to answer. :D

I'll try to put up a few more updates soon regarding things like the Patreon and future plans (Including info for people currently waiting on commissions from me)
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