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LBP Posted 12 years ago
Ya, my art's slumped. Sorry.

Been working on char designs you all may see soon tho o: They're for something later (Once I get my new comp), but I'll probably wind up drawing some trial vore pics with them.

Been so busy with work...And now I have LittleBigPlanet, Mirror's Edge, Fallout 3 (Haven't started), Oblivion (Haven't started), and a buncha other games... (La Pucelle Tactics, Eternal Poison, Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ...) that're all keeping me very busy. >:

Also, Stephen King's new Short Story collection is <3 so far.

OH and I got my new PSP. Custom Tifa skin of course, tho' the base is the red God of War one. I <3 Red. The Tifa skin doesn't cover his face fully ): But oh well.

So now...
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FIRST Posted 12 years ago
I hate people who say that.

Tryin' this out...

I figured why not, the people on DeviantArt get to hear my words, why not here.

First, yes I am returned. Leshana tried multiple times to get me back, and finally succeeded. Go spam her or something. (lol j/k do it and you'll get in troubles D: )

Second, I have a new set of characters. Forget the old ones, I consider them Beta tests. The new ones are as follows:

Aelia, the Desert Naga
Deva, the Succubus
Falcon, the F-16 Fighting Falcon jet girl (Spades made me do it xD)

I have a Fire Naga in the works as well, as I do miss having one. Not sure if I'll pair her up with Aelia. Karbo's cool and all, but no one likes a copy cat. Heh. ...
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