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No Aryion/Eka's Portal anymore...? Posted 3 months ago
Ok guys, first of all I'd like to thank everyone who joined my poll on my Telegram Channel and gave me all the information I needed, which I've been trying to gather for a long time.

Why am I posting this journal?

I have been on Aryion/Eka's Portal for more than a year; I haven't been the most active person (I'm quite reserved).
Despite personal problems FyreDraygg (mostly) and I had with the owner and other users, I have been thinking to close my account for a long time.

Well, this will take a while to explain.

I am slowly realizing what I really wanna draw, what I want my specialty to be.
I've never liked vore (in the strict meaning of the term), I just hang around possibly non-cringy communities when I can...
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