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Gamer Gripe Posted 12 days ago
I have been playing Ark Survival Evolved with a group for quite a while now and I have one pet peeve about them that I need to talk about here.

They keep whistling Aggressive which makes all of our dinos, including the plant eaters, attack intruders. We have 12 Allosaurs, 14 Raptors (which included Dienonychus and standard Raptors), and 21 Dire Bears (our tribe tame so we've gotta always have more of that particular creature). Plus one Magmasaur from the Genesis update. I'm about 99% sure that 47 predatory creatures can handle a SINGLE intruding dino and the only things they couldn't handle would be an admin being a dick bag or a random Giganotosaurus spawning in the base. We have twice that number of plant eating dinos. They should NOT be going to the FRONT LINES when we're...
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Need money Posted 2 months ago
I'm going to have to start charging for commissions so I can start making some money. If for no other reason than to get my mother off of my back. I am TRYING to find a job. It's NOT going as quickly as my mother would want and because of that I'm a fuckin' criminal. I have NOT had a good record with jobs in the past, both getting hired and keeping the job. As such, I need to start charging and begging for commissions. I need the money. Even short ones are going to have to go for a minimum of $10.
We're in. Posted 4 months ago
Have been for... about three weeks now. Almost a month. I finished out at Sheetz, and within a week and a half did a phone interview at Geico. I start on the 16th. Really far off, yeah, but hey... it's somethin'. And it gives us plenty of time to get completely moved in and settled. It's just my mom makin' money at the moment, but she's said that once I get started, since it'll be an almost 3k-4k a paycheck job, as long as I help with rent, bills and food, the rest is mine. Bills include car payment, gas, electricity and water for the apartment, which is also including rent. Food means food for us and food for the two cats. But still. This job... is going to be the highest paying job I've ever worked at. Period. I'll have enough money to actually participate in events on video games I...
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We did it we did it we did it Posted 5 months ago
More accurately, I did it. We were in Frederiksburg eating at Cook Out, good food, and I decided we should look in that area for apartments. We find some and, rather than waiting for my mom to make the call to set up an appointment to get in to look at some... I called them. I took a chance and called them. They were in so we went and looked at the one apartment they had available. The MERLIN Suite. Two Bedrooms, two bathrooms. Third floor. HUUUGE living room/Kitchen with VAULTED ceilings. Huge deck that, if we want to during the summer we can close off so the cats can be out on the deck without being able to jump off of the third floor.

Litterally 24 hours later, mom gets a phone call. The apartment is ours. Got the cats fixed and got their shots updated. We have the keys to...
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Tried again. Posted 5 months ago
So, we went to try again with the apartments that would be perfect. Found out exactly how much "too much" I make to get us into the apartments. $2.50. The price of a regular coffee at work. That's what I could get with $2.50. But because I make that small ammount "too much" to be in the bracket to get into the apartments, we can't get in.
Back to the Drawing Board Posted 6 months ago
So we're apparently both too broke and too rich to afford the apartments we were looking at. Monmoth Apartments here in Dahlgren, Virginia are an Income Based Community. BUT... you have to make EXACTLY the ammount they want for them to even let you LOOK at an apartment. Between my mother and I, we make both too much and too little for a two bedroom. I make enough to afford a 1 bedroom and my mom makes enough to afford a 3 bedroom. We don't NEED a 3 bedroom, but we DO NEED a 2 bedroom. Yet because of our income, we can't even look at one. How you can make TOO FUCKING MUCH MONEY to afford a place is BEYOND ME. If you make TOO MUCH to afford one but enough to afford the other... CLEARLY YOU MAKE ENOUGH TO AFFORD IT. So we're back to the drawing board looking for a place to live before the...
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URGENT!!! Posted 6 months ago
So I have been signed out and had to go through the hassle of resetting my password. I currently have a temporary password to log in with, but it's not gonna stick. How do I go about changing my password so I have a permanent one that I can write down somewhere I will find it so I can log in when the temporary one times out?
Disappointed. Posted 6 months ago
So... as some of ya'll may know from my Monster Hunter World stories, I LOVE the Monster Hunter Franchise, even though the only two games I've played in it are Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter World. Well, a monster called Glavenus has been added to Monster Hunter World. Anyone familiar with him knows what he looks like. Those that aren't...


Meet Glavenus. The freakin' SWORD TAIL T-REX! In Monster Hunter, you can make weapons and armor from monster parts. Glavenus LITTERALLY HAS A SWORD FOR A TAIL so you would think killing him would land you his TAIL as a Great-Sword. No.

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Random Thought.... Posted 9 months ago
Just had a random assed thought.

A Female Cell absorbs someone with her tail, but doesn't send them all the way through. Instead, they feel the "needle" get tighter around their feet and they're pushed into something else that forces them to curl up. On the outside, whoever is nearby gets to watch as the Fem Cell unbirths someone she was just trying to absorb. And thus, a new breed of Cell Junior is born. With the personality, power and temperament of the absorbed.
Squee Moment Posted 10 months ago
So, I'm trolling through Facebook and I come across the reveal trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The one showing off their legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta.

2) OFFICIALLY LICENSED POKEMON GO!!!!! The reveal trailer LITTERALLY HAD OTHER PLAYERS ENCOUNTERING RAID POKEMON. Not just a single player taking on larger pokemon, no. There are pillars of light that appear in the world itself and you can run to it and meet up with OTHER PLAYERS!
3) POKEMON ARE IN WORLD!!!! It's not just empty grasslands and mountain regions where you have a CHANCE to run into pokemon that you can't avoid. You can SEE them in the world itself.!!!
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