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Another Peachy Preview Posted 5 years ago
Here's the next step of my next work.
A Peachy Preview Posted 5 years ago
Here's a little preview of what I have been working on lately.

Peachy Preview.png
More pot-bellied Pokemon coming! Posted 6 years ago
Hey, all my followers!

I'm putting in some time to draw some more pics for you guys, and I'd like to do some more pot-bellied pokemon.

But, who should I draw? Anybody have some suggestions or ideas?
Itching for some Pokemon battles! Posted 6 years ago
To all my fellow trainers!

I'm looking for some friends to have some battles in Pokémon X and Y. Challenging passersby is a mixed bag that often results in no battles. So, if anyone would like to have some battles with me, I'd be tickled pink. Just send me your friend code.

My friend code is 0216-0970-4244.

P.S. - For those of you who breed, my friend safari has Ditto, so I am told.
I'm back! Can anyone help rebuild my gallery? Posted 8 years ago
Just so the people know, I am still around, though I've reverted back to lurking for a good long while. Basically what happened was I had a moment of panic/guilt and decided to reset and start anew, leaving everything I have done here behind. Old habits (and ever-present sexual tendencies) die hard, I suppose. That having been said, there are a couple of things I would like to bring up.

First of all, what happened to my gallery? I went rage quit on it and wiped it spotless, as well as all backups I had of my pics and stories when I reformatted my laptop around the end of February/beginning of March. I know I have some of my ancient works hovering around in the forums, but if anyone has saved any of my stuff, you are more than welcome to send them to me so I can repopulate my...
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Comuter went fizzle.... Posted 11 years ago
And before that, I had no internet to my computer, what with no cable available and a busted wi-fi driver. None of that matters now, since my computer is broken, which possibly means that I have lost everything on there. Boo! Plus I was working on another story AND another piece of artwork. Double Boo! And I will need to get back in touch with OKC_OHNO to get the line art to his Haruhi Suzumiya series, since I've probably lost those, too. Triple Boo!

Anyway, just a word to say that I am still around, albeit not so much now that school has just finished its first week. The life of a music student is packed with more hours than it is with credits. :(
What's up with me??? Posted 11 years ago
I'll tell you what's up with me!!!!! Buargh!!

Okay, moving on.

The fanart that I pulled from my gallery will be making their return to my gallery shortly. I've contemplated redoing some of the older pictures, simply to improve upon them artistically, or to better implement the personalities of the characters involved, or both. Either way, they will be back, and I will try to add some color to most of them.

I am almost done with my next story, and with that being said, I would like to ask a few of you guys to proofread it before I actually stick it in my gallery for all to read. And, as with "Where's the Party?" this one will have a picture to go along with it.

BIOS are not going along as well as I have wanted them to. I am...
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This is some thick sand I'm trying to draw through.... Posted 11 years ago
Well, let's see here. What has changed since my last blog entry.

I do have three BIOS up in my gallery, but that still leaves me seven short. Just to give a reference for some people, here's the characters that I have, or will have, BIOS for:

:-D Sergei
:-D Joanna
:-D Durian Skunk
:x Joquine
:x Eriya
:x Jellet
:x Maryle
:x Sieglinde

That's only eight, but at the moment, I'm fine with it. And besides, I have time to develop this whole thing. I'm also going to try to get one story for each character, which I've already done for Eriya and Joanna.

Finally, for some personal reasons and for reasons I'm sure most of you will understand, I will be removing all fan-art...
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It's time to draw the lines in the sand. Posted 12 years ago
Well, here's the first post in my blog. Just to let you know what is going on. At this moment I've decided to get things in my universe more organized, and that means creating BIOS for all of my characters.

I've decided to start out with BIOS for ten characters in my universe, adding to the list as ideas come to me. This total revamp may bring several changes to the characters I have already created, both cosmetic and otherwise.

I will also be creating a world for these characters, marking where these characters live in this world as well.

That's all I have to report at the moment. Thanks for tuning in.

~Durian Skunk (or AtmosRobot)