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Requests Updates Posted 1 month ago
Okay, so decided to open requests up to kind of make myself busy. May make the rules different in my status, but for the most part:

1) Male or female vore is fine; I won't discriminate there.
2) Graphic digestion...I prefer more of a melty slurry kind of digestion. Otherwise, visible digestion I can do, but it won't be necessarily watching the body fall apart. Think of it like putting butter in a microwave and you get the idea.
3) Weight gain is also fine.
4) Types of vore; mainly I do oral, sometimes naval, and occasionally breast/cleavage/nipple. CV of both male and female (futanari) are acceptable.
5) Scat. It is kind of dependent on the context. If you were to ask me for a story, I would have no issue fully describing the prey being reduced to...
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Reconsideration of Art Trades Posted 1 month ago
Might consider reopening art trades; but there'll be more scrutinizing when it comes to who I do them with.
Art Trades Posted 2 months ago
Due to false promises and other occurrences, no more art trades.
Reopening Art Trades Posted 10 months ago
Opening back up for art trades.
Favorite Preds Posted 1 year ago
1) Witchy ( Green_Glutton): The de facto mascot of sorts, Witchy to me is everything I love about vore. In fact, she was one of my primary introductions to the concept (though I had always been fascinated by it; I just did not know it was a thing). What can be said about her? While there are other preds Green-Glutton had made such as Evan, Cherri the Clown, and IIRC a frog girl with a pocket dimension in her stomach, Witchy was always the stand out with her exotic green skin, tall physique, long black hair and lips, her showing off her bellybutton, etc. She is probably the most evil predator I have seen: she is ruthless, pitiless, and lacks any remorse instead of viewing everyone around her as her next meal. She is hedonistic and sadistic...but that is what I love about her. This...
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My Hero Academia Posted 1 year ago
Since I'm now watching My Hero Academia, I was wondering about who to draw. I mean, there are a few good selections for female preds. I did draw Izuku and Bakugo's mothers as well as Momo, and also Toga. Kind of wondering who to go for next.
Steven Universe Future Posted 1 year ago
Damn. I appreciate the show trying to convey that Rose at her worst was flawed, but seriously, that's really stretching it.
One of the Shows I'm Watching Currently Posted 1 year ago
Finally getting around to watching My Hero Academia, though I am starting with the fourth season, so probably should've watched the previous three to get a better understanding of what's going on (I get the gist of the series, though). Just got finished watching the episode where there was apparently a controversy of this secretary/sidekick getting her sides tickled. But strangely enough, I remember someone getting killed gruesomely.

Ha, ha, gotta love how the media prioritizes things.
Update On Updates Posted 1 year ago
Deleted the Wataten picture which was done by thicceater as part of the art trade I did with them. Whether I'll reupload it later or not really depends. Anyway, that was two art trades that I have done on my part (Shouta and Li). Waiting for ABrinson27 to do their part of the trade, and still currently open for others.
American Dad Posted 1 year ago
Just watched a new episode of American Dad where Francine ends up eating Klaus during a celebration. No, it doesn't end with digestion as apparently he forced his way back up her esophagus, but hot dayum. Another woman I'd let eat me. And Hayley when she had that small binge of eating meat despite being a devoted vegan.