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Deleting Old Art Trades Posted 5 months ago
As already entailed, deleting one-sided trades. I'd rather forget those were ever made based on the time wasted.
No More Art Trades Posted 9 months ago
No more art trades. I am done with being repeatedly disappointed by not having the other person not living up to their side of the deal. After waiting and waiting, no more. No more requests either. Unless you're a close friend or acquaintance, do not expect me to do any drawings for you.
Thoughts on Plus-Sized Elf Posted 1 year ago
The series is a reverse-Isekai...well, what I mean by that is that instead of the main character going to another world like getting hit by Truck-kun, the fantasy world drains into his. Naoe Tomoatsu is a massage therapist at Smiley Boar who is given the task of helping a forest elf named Erufuda lose weight. You see, when she came to Earth, she discovered the glorious food known only as French fries. As such...she gained some weight, so she wants that shaved off before she could head home. But of course, the main issue is her poor diet consisting of that tasty, tasty treat.

So, as you probably would have expected, this is a BBW manga where most of the thrill comes from watching big ladies trying to exercise, but often, like in Erufuda's case, failing by...
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Minor Irritant Posted 1 year ago
Ever had one of those days where someone takes an interest in drawing your character/persona, or wants to do a trade with you, but they don't do their end of the deal?
Discord Posted 1 year ago
For those interested, I did have a Discord server. It is still a relatively new one mainly it will be a place where I would share some drawings. Really anyone is free to do so.
2,000,000 Page Views Posted 1 year ago
Wow. I don't know what to say there. Almost seems like yesterday when I somehow managed to get a million total views. But I am very appreciative of it.
I Have A Twitter Account Posted 1 year ago
The link is here. I do chat sometimes there.

So Posted 1 year ago
Thinking it over, I'll probably continue FNAF but that's one of those cases where it depends largely on separating the art from the artist.
Change of Plans Posted 1 year ago
Ignore the previous blog. As kind of expected, no one was interested.
Okay Posted 1 year ago
Kind of thinking about reinstating art trades. Kind of hesitant there because of my personal displeasures/disappointment with them, but you could leave ideas in the comments below.