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Finished DMing a full 2 year D&D Campaign! Posted 8 months ago
I really struggle with writing journals, especially personal ones. The concept of putting my thoughts out into the world unbidden can feel like I'm being presumptuous and imposing, which is why I tend to prefer to communicate via my horrible characters and their dreadful stories. But I wanted to mark this one.

After just under 2 years, at least 66 pages of notes, 9 levels, 75 maps, and a whole lot of making up cool attacks on the spot, I've finished running a narrative campaign for 6 players. It was a very satisfying experience. Highlights for me included attacking my poor players with an animated windmill, trapping them in the worlds of their characters' favourite stories, building clockwork doubles of them, watching them make a speech at a conference of clerics about why the...
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Publicly linking up with TheGuyWhoKnows, my less lewd account. Posted 3 years ago
As you may have noticed, I really, really like vore. And my preferences and kinks have grown and evolved over my time here. However, for a few reasons, I didn’t feel comfortable displaying their full extent on my first account,  theguywhoknows . Of course, that didn’t mean they went away, and so several years ago, I decided to create a second account where I could explore these kinks more freely, calling it Avios on Aryion and later Court_Of_Predators on FA. While this was mostly just intended for some RP nonsense at first, it’s since developed quite a detailed storyverse of it’s own, one which I’ve had a lot of fun with.

I’m happy to say that most of the reasons for keeping things separate are no longer applicable, and maintaining two identities has been awkward and a...
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Morsel #1: Within (POV, F/you, endo) Posted 3 years ago
Gonna start putting the small things I do which aren't proper stories in these.

Imagine waking up in the same squeezing pressure again, still so weak, still so helpless.

And she strokes you, and murmurs good morning to you.

And you hear and feel her going about their day, speaking, walking, being normal. With you inside, unable to do anything more than twitch weakly and whimper when she squeezes especially hard, knowing that this will continue for as long as she wants.

And her want is bottomless.

Feeling the squelch and squlorrrch as she settles her vast bulk in bed at last and wraps their limbs around the soft little bulge you make, and murmurs softly, "Finally, some alone...
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Ten Things You Didn't Know About My Predators! Posted 4 years ago
1. Orion's tail wasn't a natural development, but something he decided on himself and created through a lot of concentration. It has a rudimentary intelligence when he doesn't command it and can coil people and and stuff them up his rump without him even noticing. When he does notice he'll usually send it inside to drag them back out, so he can stuff them back in while properly appreciating it.

2. Christine's body contains twelve cybernetic implants of varying effect, each one bought at colossal expense through her interdimensional black market contacts. A notable one is a device implanted in her lower intestine which converts emotional energy into a lipid-based form, allowing her to literally fatten herself up through the terror of her victims. Usually by absorbing it...
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Little Story: Rose tells her brother about Leya Posted 6 years ago
Although some people may not know it, Rose actually has a half-brother called Orion, who she's actually on pretty good terms with. Although they've gone their separate ways, they remain in touch, and sometimes meet up to depopulate entire counties together. And of course when really exciting things happen, they like to talk about them.

This is a silly little thing I wrote a while back which doesn't make much sense unless you're caught up to date with RUINOUS, my story with Christine and Rose. Read a summary of that and links to stories here.

Rosakarina: oi
Rosakarina: oi oi oi
Rosakarina: It's sunday night like hell are you asleep
Orion: No, I'm not. But I am busy.
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The ABCs of Christine Posted 6 years ago
A is for dat ass, all padded with prey
B is for balls, and they're starting to sway
C is for cunt, chewing and squelching and slurping
D is for dick, so stuffed that it's burping
E is for envy, possessing it all
F is for foxtaur - what else is she called?
G is for gargantuan, and swift-swelling girth
H is for heavy, as her bulk shakes the earth
I is for indigo, in eyes full of hunger
J is the jouncing of people no longer
K is those kisses, the kisses that kill
L is for lickings, and she's not finished still
M is for monster, the name she made her own
N is the night, time for bulges to groan
O is for orgasm (and when it comes, you'll know)
P is for Penny, who could never say no
Q is the quizzical...
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Rose and Christine here, to answer all your questions⁓ Posted 6 years ago
Hello, sweethearts.

And Buonasera, everyone.

It’s Rose here. And I let Christine tag along too.

You did not let me “tag along”, you fat-

ANYWAY. Ahem. You see, we’ve heard that the stories of our… misadventures have been quite popular on here. Which is utterly delightful to know.

It is. Most of the time, it’s just us who enjoys what we do. Everyone else is usually busy begging, screaming, squirming, and melting. But to have other people enjoying it… oh, it’s delicious. Utterly suscitare. We’re very glad you’ve had fun.

Indeed we are. In fact, since it looks like this cute little account just passed 50,000 pageviews, which is pretty impressive for some… niche...
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Considering offering one-way tickets to digestion - interested? Posted 7 years ago
Given how rapacious the appetites of my characters are, and the fact that their poor delicious morsels tend to be claimed completely, my stories have, er, a bit of an attrition rate. It takes a lot for Rose, Christine, and... others yet to come... to look as good as they do. It seems a shame, then, to just have them pluck mortals out of the world at random to add to those sinfully delightfully curves. Sure, everyone is unique and delicious in their own way, but some people are extra special.

So what I'm wondering is if people would perhaps be interested in purchasing a place in future stories for characters of their own. You'd get to decide with me what kind of role you play in the story, which of my characters devours you, how they do it, which orifice, what happens...
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Happy Valentine's Day from Rose. Posted 7 years ago
Happy St Valentines day, all of you! This is Princess Rosakarina Velvena, but please, call me Rose. Seriously. Call me Rose or you will hurt for a very long time.

If you are fortunate enough to have found someone to share your soul with, treasure this day and treasure them. After all, precious things can all-too-often be ripped away in an instant by forces beyond your control. Especially if you’re in love - that makes it taste so much sweeter. I wouldn’t dream of keeping you apart for long…

Ahem. If you are not so occupied with love and/or being devoured, if you are sadly alone on this day, then don’t worry about it. The world is almost as full of people as I am. Someone out there is just right for you, and they will find you someday. For now, enjoy the fact that...
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People like me? That's... wonderful. And disturbing. Also FA. Posted 8 years ago
So my stories have been doing pretty well. Delighted that people enjoy a sadistic demonic cow stuffing innocent people into almost all of her orifices. You loveable weirdos. This is just to say thanks. I will try to give you more. When I can. >.>

And also that I'm now on Furaffinity, since the love must be spread. Here at . So many more tasty souls to devour...