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Opening for commissions Posted 9 days ago
Hey people and other assorted entities. I've officially set up some loose rules for commissions. My prices are fair in that I'm just saying pay what the heck you want and I'll type up a story within reason of what you want done. Come one, come all. Get them while they're hot.
8/9 thought. Posted 3 years ago
So yesterday 8/8 was vore day, and we all know what in theory happens following vore. So does that mean that today 8/9 is disposal/scat day?
Signal Boost Posted 4 years ago
Hey guys, my best buddy/little sister here has fallen on some tough times. She does amazing art, my old account is full of stuff I commissioned from her. How about you all be cool and go throw some love her way and get some sweet art out of the deal? Trust me you won't be disappointed. This girl has the talent to make your wildest, kinkiest, craziest mental images into physical works of art that you can gander at to your hearts content.
EMERGENCY!!! Posted 6 years ago
So you guys might remember that I recently told you to commission my sweet sister badger also known as

Well I'm upping the ante. She's not just wanting to take commissions she is needing to in order to raise funds for academic purposes. So please PLEASE go hire her to draw you something amazing. If you can't do so at the moment I understand, times are tough. Though I ask that if you can't hire her yourself at least please help put the word out that she needs the help.
Go hire this wonderful artist!!! Do it right now!!! Posted 6 years ago
Hey all you preds and prey. I've come to you today with an important message and request. There's a sweet little artist on this site that is not only taking commissions, but is WANTING to draw arts for people. She does some fantastic stuff, especially if you like things that are fat and/or hungry, and lets face it, we all love us some hungry individuals on here.

That's a link to her FA account, but on here you all would know her as

Just look at those prices, she's just giving this talent of...
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BIRTHDAY :D Posted 7 years ago
Tomorrow's my BIRTHDAY!!! Hooray and huzzah. To think this time last year I was putting on the finishing touches of my first story and had yet to meet anybody in the community. Now here I am a whole year wiser and have made some fantastic friends and even put out a few more tales (though not as many as i had hoped).

Anyway yeah... b-day tomorrow. Turning an entire quarter of a century old. Sometimes I feel older than that, and yet other times I still feel like a kid. Like my brain can't handle just being a grownup.

Hugs to all my buddies and to all my future friends :3
Rabbit Hole Posted 7 years ago
So a few of you know that lately my life has gone a bit nuts, hence no stories lately but I promise that I will fix that eventually. I have started grad school, moved to a whole new state, and my father is not doing well at all health wise but I can't be there for him. Needless to say the real world kind of blows sometimes. Yet I have noticed an odd trend. While I have been facing these challenges head on (studying for school, skyping with my brother and sick father whenever I can) I have been regressing into childhood interests during my down time. First I started finding Spider-man cooler than usual, then I began playing Magic: The Gathering again, I even pre-ordered Pokemon X version, and I haven't bought a Pokemon game since Sapphire version. This trend has officially gotten silly...
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relocation huzah Posted 7 years ago
this wednesday is going to be a big day for wifey and me. We're moving from our little tennessee town to atlanta wheeeeeeeeeeee. I am kind of nervous as it is my first big move, and its to a big city hahaaaaaaaaaa. Though i am also excited actually. Anyway hoping to make new friends in peach country.
I make for a poor hunter... of pics Posted 7 years ago
Ok I have been looking for this picture for a few weeks now but cannot find it anywhere. It showed a wolf (it might have been wolf o'donnell but i'm not sure) and he has a big swollen belly and is looking pleased. He then burps up a scarf and tries to remember whose it is. His mind flashes through a bunch of faces of people I assume he has eaten before remember a fox (maybe fox mccloud?) wearing it. He then looks at his belly before an x-ray shot shows the fox sleeping in his gut. If anyone has a link to the pic or anything i would greatly appreciate it. no clue why this one pic is so firmly wedged in my head lately.
hopfully learning a new skill Posted 7 years ago
a few weeks back my church gave me one of those
visa vanilla giftcards. Yesterday i used said card on
amazon to purchase a sketchbook a set of art pencils
and a book on how to draw anthro animals. I am sure
that they would not approve of what i have in mind
hahaha. Anyway i have always wanted to learn how to
draw so its time to do something about it and if i end
up making something of quality i will post it in my