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Happy Holidays Posted 5 years ago
Happy Holidays folks! I hope that whatever you're doing, wherever you are, you have a good, safe, and pleasant holiday. :)
Commissions Open Again Posted 6 years ago
Hey folks!

I'm starting up on commissions again! So for you who have been waiting, don't worry, I'm back to working hard for your vorish pleasures. :P So if you're interested, check out my commission tab here.

Hope everyone has a good December! :D
Commissions Closed Posted 6 years ago
Hey folks! I am closing down new commissions until December. I want to finish the lot I have slated so that I can take November off and possibly work on a large project that's been on my mind for a while.

Inquiries are still welcome and I will be finishing up all commissions already taken before I take off for November.

Hope you're all having a good end of summer/start of fall! :) I haven't decided who I should dress up as for Halloween. I keep saying every year I'm going to buy a real costume... then I never do. XD
Commissions Open Posted 6 years ago
Hey folks!

I'm opening up commissions again. Pricing remains the same. For more information, check here.

Inquiries are welcome!
Franklin Boyle - Character Sketch Posted 6 years ago
A new character I've been thinking about for a while now. He is absolutely based on the character Frank Boothe from Blue Velvet. I love the idea of a pred using aerosol chemicals to enhance his feeding. I've also been wanting to do an "authority figure" style pred, so I thought a police detective would make an interesting counterpoint to the seediness of Franklin's character.

Franklin Boyle

Franklin holds himself like a thug, and his dress doesn't help matters. The leather jacket, sloppy tie, and faded jeans all give him the appearance of a man prepared to hurt for the sake of hurting. He's not bad looking by any means; his brown hair and full, shaven face would actually make him handsome if he dressed well.

But as a police...
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Monster Boy Society Posted 6 years ago
Hey folks! Giving a bit of promotion to a community/project that is just getting off the ground. If you're a fan of M/F and monster boys, then you'll want to check it out. ^^

Monster Boy Society is an RP forum with a general setting of a monster boy convention where the boys really are monsters and the girls are unsuspecting meals. All the boys are dressed up until the Main Event hits, at which point all costumes come off and all girls start to get nommed.

Obviously, the focus is monster boys and M/F, but the folks running it are trying to make sure it's a friendly, easy-going place. It's just a community for monster...
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Commission Changes Posted 6 years ago
Hey folks! After doing a few commissions and getting a feel for my own method of doing things, I've made a significant change to my commission pricing model.

Instead of using fees, I've decided to price things almost entirely off the length of the story. The only fees collected are tied to stories of particularly high complexity. Check my commission tab for more information, but here are the basics:

Short stories (500-1000 words): $5
Normal stories (2000 words): $15
Long stories (5000 words): $35
Ad lib (you just want me to write and forget length): $1 per 100 words

That's it. If you want a story with a lot of characters or a lot of settings, I will...
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Belloc, Open for Commission Posted 6 years ago
I've a special announcement: after much thought, I've decided to open up for commissions! So if you've ever thought, "Man, someone needs to write that down," well, Moneybags, toss some coin my way and I can do just that. :D

I won't take on too many at once here at the start, but if you're interested in having a story written up, check out my commission tab. Feel free to drop me a PM anytime, even if only with a question.

Thanks to everyone who has given me great feedback so far. You've been the biggest encouragement for me to step into this arena. You are all awesome! ...
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Good Habits! Posted 6 years ago
I'm posting this here as an accountability thing. A nice reminder of what I'm trying to do.

I spend way too much money on eating out and way too little time on working out. I'm not out of shape, but my wallet and health could be if I don't deal with this now. After all, diabetes and heart disease run in the family. Best not to toy with that nonsense!

So! From this day forward, I'm going to:

a.) Eat no sweets outside of family get-togethers
b.) Eat nothing I don't cook by my own hands (again, outside of family get togethers)
c.) Ride my bike or walk daily and perform at least thirty minutes of yoga in the evenings

Simple and cheap fixes. I make allowance for my occasional family trips because food is just sort of their way of...
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Party Wiped Wiped! Posted 6 years ago
For the past few weeks, I've been working on a series of stories called Party Wipe about one of my characters, Leigh Walters, nomming folks during a tabletop RPG stream. It's been a bit more challenging than expected but still very interesting. This sort of long story, with so many characters, was quite a bit more than I'm used to in a story. Definitely made me stretch myself, but it had a few flaws along the way.

Still, overall, I'm pleased with having tried it out. I got a lot of nice feedback, and some good criticism (thanks folks for stepping up and letting me know what you think can be improved; it's not always as fun to see criticism as praise, but it's still super helpful! ;D).

I'll be taking a break from longer stories as well as Leigh Walters. These past...
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