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Pyrrha as willing prey... Posted 4 months ago
Well, I’ve shared this in a few forums, figured I’d share it on my blog as well. I’ve had this idea for a scenario in a story or comic or however the person wants to make it, and since I lack the skills to make any of those, I’d share it to hopefully inspire someone to use. Basically, Pyrrah Nikos from RWBY becomes aware of her eventual demise in Vol 3 and decides to kick the bucket on her own terms by being eaten and fulfilling her vore fetish. The pred could be any gender, species,etc. Personally, I’d like the person who uses this concept to make up their own OC just to eat her. It’s be kinda cool and creative.
Emergency message to artist who sell comics. Posted 11 months ago
It has come to my attention that someone is posting comics that are meant to be paid for on a website known as e-hentai. This also seems to be done without the creator’s consent or knowledge. Artist such as kattu and Just-A-Little-Vore are a few who have had several of their comics posted on that site. While I may be unable to pay for such comics due to personal reasons l, I do not condone posting these comics elsewhere without permission. Those artist worked hard on those comics and make a living off them. To post these comics elsewhere, is to take away money from them. This is a serious issue that needs to be brought to more people’s attention, so please spread this around to warn any artist that should be concerned so that future events such as this can be prevented.
Question for all users Posted 1 year ago
2 questions.
1, how did you discover vore?
2, for those who draw/write weight gain and things like that, why do you find plus sized women sexy?
I’ll answer these questions myself, feel free to add anything.
I stumbled onto vore when I was little and saw Men in Black 2 on TV. As the opening credits went on, I started feeling funny. I didn’t really know what it meant at the time, but I was extremely attracted to Serleena with a big belly. Years later I looked up the clip on YouTube, only to stumble onto Kiphoria’s brain3times3 videos. And that’s how I discovered vore, which also evolved into a love for plus sized women. Fat or chubby girls just seem more natural than the ridiculously skinny models you see on tv and in magazines. It just seems right, I can’t really...
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