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Vore Dictionary Posted 2 months ago
Someone, maybe me but I'm lazy, should make like, a dictionary/thesaurus for vore terms. Like, gurgle, digest, swallow are all great, but it gets tiring using & reading the same five words, & my vocabulary is that of like, a jellyfish. Anyways, aside from that if anyone can think of a good alliterated vore term for "Eleven Pipers ______ing" that would be nice, I'll be sure to mention you in the description too cause that's about all I have to be able to reward you :(
12 Days of Lunch Posted 2 months ago
So... I'm gonna try to post one part of a twelve part series every day, centering around the twelve days of Christmas... Now I'm probably gonna fail, I tend to fail at goals like this, but I'm gonna try my best. It's still gonna be your favorite Pred POV & stuff though, so don't worry. I'm excited for this! I'm definitely not terrified! I'm entirely not going to have some kind of performance anxiety & fail to write these!

Also if I do fail be sure to insult me any way you can, my profile, this post, all my stories. (You know, for encouragement.)
Favorite Halloween Cereal Mascot? Posted 4 months ago
It's for research purposes, what's everyone's favorite Halloween Cereal Mascot?
Count Chocula
Boo Berry
Franken Berry
Frute Brute
Yummy Mummy
Carmella Creeper
Gut-slut? More like Pred-slut! (See? It doesn't roll off the tongue very well.) Posted 4 months ago
So, is there any version of "gut-slut" for preds? Like a pred who's a slut for good prey? This is important research, the world could be at stake!(For all you know)
A Pred In Hunger Alone, the next one Posted 4 months ago
Hope you all liked the femboy one, it was fun to write! We're nearing the end of the series now, & I'm sorry to say, the next one is kinda sad. Don't worry though, the series has a happy ending! Keep reading!
A Pred In Hunger Alone 3 Posted 6 months ago
Hope you all like the idea of being a femboy, cause that's what's up next.

I would like to emphasize. This series is pretty much entirely for me. Being a submissive pred, being pegged, dressing as a femboy. These are all things I like, so sorry if a new part comes out that doesn't appeal to you. But hey, the series isn't exactly an epic story, you can skip past the parts you don't like & you'll probably be fine. :) (Trust me, the end has no pegging or femboy, anyone who liked the first part should like the final one, & hopefully at least a few in between.