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Escaping Animation Posted 1 year ago
Well here is my newest choose your own adventure animation
So here is the link:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KPb-i ... 6PWpm4Iq2c

Just leave your vote below and we'll see where we end up
patreon Posted 2 years ago
MOst people don't know this but I do have a patreon account which is full to the brim with artwork, a hell of a lot more than my gallery here. you can find it here https://www.patreon.com/Yubel?ty=h
but I would be interested in knowing what all you who watch and follow would like to see or even if you'd support if you have/had a spare $2...which is about £1 for me
trade or commissions Posted 2 years ago
Still open for commissions

prce street https://aryion.com/g4/view/387073

4 slots open
Old works Posted 2 years ago
Well we are getting there, still lots of stuff to upload once I check whats been uploaded so far...and then I need to bring over the commissioned art I had done
Lazy Artist Posted 2 years ago
Well I think I've neglected my gallery long enough, time to start very slowly uploading all the art my patreons have been enjoying for nearly a year. And dear god I was busy, turns out since I last uploaded on here I have made a lot of art work and even now more is being made. I may not be streaming it but my patreons are getting a very steady diet of what ever rubish pops into my head :lol:

Patreon https://www.patreon.com/Yubel for all the really nice new stuff
Bye Bye Animation -closed Posted 3 years ago
hmm I think I shall do a quick ych animation, the concept is easy you get to be the prey to one of my lovely models though I'll also offer the chance to be the pred

hmm I should mention that this is a POV one, from inside the preds mouth

Pred = truck

Prey = truck

for this time only both posistions shall cost $20, that's $10 each

so please leave a comment or pmme if your interested
link changes Posted 3 years ago
well thanks to you guys I have a new place to upload to, so I'll be swapping the old links out while getting ready to upload all the stuff I forgot to or didn't
Commissions status = Open Posted 3 years ago
At the moment I'm only accepting image and comic commissions, mostly because I have too much demand on the system.

Images (single image) = $10 for a high rez image with up to 2 models (characters) + $5 for extras

Comics = $40 for 5 panels + $10 for extra ones (5 for the price of 4)

As always if our interested send me a private message with your request and I'll get back to you as soon as I can
Gone destroyed terminated Posted 3 years ago
thanks to Confused00 happy go lucky trolling.....may they rot in hell

My youtube account is gone, along with 4 years worth of let's plays and all of my vorish works, so if you were looking forward to seeing my works well feel free to thank mr dipshit Confused00 himself

if you can't tell I'm bloody fuming right now
upgrades and plans Posted 3 years ago
Well as my scenes increase in size I find my current graphics is starting to struggle

So in answer to this I shall need to up my game and upgrade the system once more.....
And unfortunately for me it's gonna cost around £405

So that's either a lot of stills and comics *gently nudges* or a lot of patrons for about 2 months about 100 of you for $2

Either way gonna take some work to get what is needed to give you guys ever greater stuff