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Halloween Pack! Posted 2 months ago
Heya, everyone! Myself and a few other artists have put together a scary Halloween vore pack!!!

For more details check out this post:
or to get the pack now! ->

If you like spooky noms it's the pack for you!
it includes a 1:15 min long animation made by me! Plus a combined 20 illustrations from CrazyWater, LadyTechna, Mr.Left and Novaspark!
No Nom November Art Pack! Posted 1 year ago
Heya Everyone,

Just a little announcement, Myself and a few other artists including:

MagnificentArsehole: discord and fluttershy ( )
Novaspark: Chrissy and Celly ( )
Plaguetyranno: Vinyl and Octy ( )
Crazywater: Lyra and Bon Bon ( ...
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Can't Resist Posted 2 years ago
Hi everyone!

I'm going to be getting back into making some SFM animations that focus on detail and sharpening some new techniques for animation, I thought about it and figured the best way to practice was with some practical projects! And there's nothing more practical than ponies eating each other! I don't know how consistently I'll be able to work on animations amoungst blender animation tests and drawing practice. But I'd like to start working on larger projects which may not be longer viewing time but use more custom models and such which will let me practice 3D modelling and with some luck, I may try making some animations in blender towards September time. but that's thinking far far ahead. I'd like mostly just to keep practising animation techniques ...
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Going On Hiatus. Posted 2 years ago
Heya everyone!

So, First off, I'd like to say a huge thank you to every one that has supported me over the time I've been making animations. Seriously I can't say how much of a joy it has been making these for everyone!

Though yes, I will be going on a rather long hiatus. The reason for which is that I would like to go to university next year to study animation and 3D modelling. But between juggling a full time job, managing a Patreon and keeping a steady supply of pony noms for everyone to enjoy, there just is not enough time left in the day to dedicate to putting a good portfolio together of work that would help me get into one of these courses. Let alone get the basic skills I'd need, up to where they would need to be for me to be able to do one of these...
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Youtube kicked me off! Posted 2 years ago
Well the games up guy's I finally got kicked off of YouTube!

To be fair, I'd have to be blind not to have seen this coming from a mile away, and have been expecting it since January. So it didn't come as a massive surprise when it finally happened. YouTube just isn't the place it once was they have made their choice to censor everything that could ever be even slightly offensive. And the idea has more than a few times crossed my mind to close the channel myself just because I hate what YouTube has become. But looks like they beat me too it!
Anyhow you can find about 99% of all my videos in my gallery now. Which I know isn't ideal but it's the best I can muster for now.

So whats changing? Well not too much, For the time being, I'll still continue pretty much...
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Halloween Video: Full of Fright full version available now! Posted 3 years ago ... i_4e_Sv2sq
Second time lucky!
Full Versions Of Videos Now Up! Posted 3 years ago
Evening all,
Anyone who's looking for the full versions of my videos that have been taken down can now find them as download links on the video's post, here on Eka.
Also throwing this in too, as a re-upload of my old Celestia anal vores Luna project - ... tgudHON7ko

Dailymotion Down Posted 3 years ago
So my daily-motion channel was taken down today, which isn't too much of an issue but the videos that were available on there now have no place I can upload them. I won't be making another daily motion account as it'll just be taken down. But all the videos are included in the video back log on my patreon. So they are still available just not really in the way I wanted them to be :/

The reason why it was taken down was due to violations of Daily-motions Terms of Service. Though every video was age restricted it was removed sadly.

Just a little update on why it was taken down in case anyone was wondering.
Royal Punishment FULL Version Re-upload Posted 3 years ago

Enjoy everyone, I'll be sorting out other removed videos today so keep an eye out on dailymotion.
Changes to youtube uploads Posted 4 years ago
Due to recent chances on YouTube's flagging system, Unsafe versions of videos will no longer be shown on YouTube at all. I'll be changing the links for all current unsafe versions to daily motion links which you can view the videos on. It really shouldn't change much to everyone viewing just expect some unsafe videos to be unavailable while I'm changing things around.