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Update for no particular reason Posted 1 month ago
I kind of stayed away from here for a while, but as long as I'm logging in pretty frequently again I might as well update anybody who still cares on stuff. First, I lied, I'm not reuploading anything. I kind of just got rid of it all. It wasn't all bad, but I don't consider it any great loss either. Sorry if you really liked it.
I'm not going to post stuff here much, though there is a little thing I'll probably post here when I'm done with it. For the most part I'm trying to shift my writing efforts away from this fetish, not so much because I don't like it anymore, but more because I want to be able to write things less focused on instant gratification. It's pretty fucking difficult because I have pathological attentive issues, but my hope is that if I can manage it it'll be worth...
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I'm back! Posted 1 year ago
Hey y'all, since apparently there have been certain adjustments to the site's policy on underage content, I've decided I'm gonna come back
I know not a lot is necessarily gonna even change but tbh I've kinda wanted to for a little and this is as good an excuse as any
I'll be reuploading some of my old work but regardless of whether or not it's allowed I'm not gonna be reuploading or producing any more stuff with underage characters
I may include more sex stuff people can do irl because since I left my body count has risen pretty significantly lmao
But I wouldn't be posting it here if it didn't still include someone getting devoured in some form or other
Oh, and there will probably be lots of dickgirls