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A fantastic comment Posted 3 years ago
Posted by IvesBentonEaton 1 month ago
A titanic roar fills the sky as a gleaming metal *thing* descends on a pillar of fire, slowing as it approaches the horizon. In the distance, you see it disappear into a forest and the light blink out.

A few minutes later, a colossal tracked vehicle, festooned with colored lights blinking in disturbing patterns, bursts from the forest, knocking down trees to make its way straight up to you. It stops several meters away, issuing steam from various vents. For a moment, it stands inert.

A port slides open and a spindly metal limb snaps forth, stopping but a meter from your face. At its end, you observe a rather primitive seeming monitor displaying text in fuzzy, pastel colors against a black background. Surprisingly, the...
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