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update and overdue happy new year. Posted 9 years ago
hello all

first off happy overdue new year! hope your 2014 has been going good, remember next year is the year Marty and Doc go to in Back to the Future part II :D

anyway on to the topic at hand, art.

sorry I haven't updated a vore pic in a while, i've been putting a lot of work into my manga series and making it presentable or publication, in doing so I have improved a ton and I will put my improved illustration skills to work on vore!

don't know how much and how soon, I have a lot of work to do seeing that this is my only job...but I will start writing the format for my second vore manga as well as work on giant girls eating people for your...
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back at it and ideas Posted 9 years ago
hello all
back to working on stuff, still makeing sales off my vore manga so thank you all who have got a copy ^_^ every sale really helps me a lot with getting art supplies and helping with my phone bill XD

it's done better then I thought it would and that is good for the old confidence, I'm hoping to make at least 4 more sales before the 31st so if you haven't already and want to please buy a copy of my manga, it's only 5$ and has some good pages :D it also has a lot of things I need to improve on so I have been doodling and practicing to improve where I fall short.

and this brings me to my next point, I have a number of vore projects I am working on and will...
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New DA humanoid centric vore group I started. Posted 10 years ago
*runs in from the shadows and jumps into chair*

hello everyone, yes it's been some time, I apologies, I suddenly found out a few weeks ago I need to move so I have been busy, i've still been drawing don't worry, and have put more work in a larger project you will see more of later, anyway that aside now to the point of this update.

I have started a new vore art group on DA, but it's not just your basic vore group, it's a more specific group, a couple sites and groups have vanished that centered around human vore, and that's sad, I respect all kinds of vore but I know i'm not the only one who likes to sometimes get away from the massive floods of furry and monster vore, as well as pony vore, so to help out in that regards I made a group dedicated to human and demi...
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comics and videogames Posted 10 years ago
hello all

just a quick updated, I haven't drawn anything in a lil while and I apologize for that, been busy, but I have been picking away at a couple large projects as well as a more recent one, the long and short of it is last week I was board and was looking for a creative outlet I haven't done yet (because i'm one of those people who likes to have as many hobbies as possible) and as I was editing the game file in one of my games (not cheating) it kind of came to me. game design, haven't done it yet, figured I would give it a shot, so I got the unity engine and started at it, it's been a week and I already have a game that i'm still working on and adding stuff too, the environment is all done and you can walk around and interact with things, it will be done in a little bit...
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update and aswers. Posted 10 years ago
hello everyone who happens to read this

just a little update.

I recently found the pages for a vore manga I was working on so I have started back on that, the going is slow though so I will keep you apprised of the situation ^^;

I was thinking of doing some more stuff to add a little more back story to my core OCs and maybe add in a new one >.> so you can expect stuff like that, I also have a couple character sketches I need to do for some people, on that note I am accepting commissions currently, more info in my commission status.

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:( Posted 11 years ago
now I love computer tablets and am looking to get one (mostly to just doodle and stuff) but I also love using paper and a pencil, although I still need work I have seen art that is all by hand, colored and inked using pens and stuff that, that's what I consider true talent, now I also like computer coloring, it's very handy for some situations, but I find it very sad when people can only draw and color on their computer. like I was talking to someone about art and he dose some very nice stuff, so I handed him my sketchbook and a pencil and asked if he could show me how he starts off an upper torso, and he said "oh no I can't draw with paper"


Me-----> (L°-°) ┬──┬ ( ゜-゜J) <-----Him

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this and that Posted 11 years ago
I don't have much to say in this update so it won't be long, I was compering my first vore comic with my last 2 comics and apparently I have improved a fair bit, which is always good to see :) but I notice that proportions still look off sometimes, so I spent all day pouring through books and tutorials to try and fix this problem, and what do you know I think I did! :D I found a technique that yields a proportional and realistic looking body every time, I can now spend more time on the details and less time on trying to make the body look right.

also I've been looking into different...
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