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Huh, seems everyones doing it..

Posted by Fluffy 14 years ago


Well, this is my first time giveing the blog a shot. Today seems to be a good day to so it, blog posts are jsuta bout comeing outta the woodwork, so I thinks to meself, why not jump on the bandwagon?
And here I am, its lovely to meet whomever is raedeing this, Im certain Id be charmed if I could view you, allthough I belive it would most likely be rather disturbing to the rest of the populace if I could look at them through thier computer screens, at my leasure, of course.
I suppose this warrents a real introduction? Im not really sure. Well, waether is does or not, thats what youll be getting, allong with some other assorted randomisty before my babbleing untimately ends.
I am Fluffy, and I like to at elast pretend Im an artist. If you dont belvie me, you can visit my gallery and judge that for yourself, as Im sure its figurative. And, in case you cant tell by the images there, I have a speacial sort spot for waild candids, msot specifacally foxes. I currenty only presnt you with two charactors, one is Fluffy himself,(yes, arent I egotistcal?) and the other is a red fox, who doesnt ahve a nem yet. If you can think of a very lovely name, why not jot it down for me? Im open to suggestions. Im thinking maybie Selena, or Alica, or Artimus. Something like that. I dont only draw furry of course, so its likely you amy be getting some manga art,too. We shall see.
And, Ill use this last bit to tell you a story. Yesterday, I wachted my cat eat a lizard. It was msot odd, as Ive never acatulyl whitnesed her killing a vertibrate before. I msut be noted that she spent the better part of her life as an indoor cat, now to live outdoors, and so she never learned to hunt propery. This means the whole "bite to the jugular" never occured to the poor dear. And I see now why she cant get squirrels...her teqniche is to gnaw the pret into submmision...wich Im certain works well on a liazard, but Id bet the squirrel would just turn right around and bite her back. Ah, the circle of life.
Oh, what a long entry this has turned out to be...do you suppose ti bodes well? I certainly hope so....
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Posted by Fluffy 14 years ago Report

One final ammendium; I cant spell. ><

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Posted by Eka 14 years ago Report

It's ok, me neither .^^;

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Posted by forestwolf9 14 years ago Report

I really like your style! I wish I could get my pencil sketches that clear and defined. My scanner sucks, though. =)

Anyway, I like to pretend that I'm an artist too! =)


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Posted by Fluffy 14 years ago Report

Thank you.^_^
Actaully, I like your style,too. Its bloody cute!

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