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Emergency Commissions Posted 2 months ago
Really in a serious bind and in much need of funds so I'll be taking commissions with a 15 dollar discount, please pm me or email me for details
Commission are Open Posted 6 months ago
Finally got out of my slump so I'm opening back up commissions
Deviantart Page Posted 6 months ago
Finally created a Deviantart page so if you want to check me out there here's the link
Commission Delay Posted 9 months ago
Just some information to my commissioners, given the issue with the Coronavirus my job has been short staffed therefore adding more hours on my schedule to a point that i"m literally working 7 days a week. So getting all commissions done will take a bit longer but not too long I'm using what hours I have after work to get them done. but to those commissioners who are still waiting on their commissions I would like to express my appreciation for your patience with offering you 50% off on your next commission, though after these current commissions I will be closed for a while, but the offer will still be valid when I open again.

Commissions in Progress
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Emergency Commissions Posted 11 months ago
Work hasn't been going so well with hours and I'm in desperate need of money for rent

So I'm offering commissions at a cut price

Lineart: $20

Color: $35

Extra characters/internal view: $5

Thank you for your support
YCH Auction 7 is open Posted 11 months ago
Christmas Special Posted 1 year ago
Commissions are half off until New Years get a slot while you have the chance
YCH 6 OPEN Posted 1 year ago
YCH 5 Posted 1 year ago
One slot left for Prey #1
YCH 5 Posted 1 year ago
Ych5 is still open for Prey slots, place your bids