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Commissions are open again while I look for a job!

Posted by Corbett5248 8 months ago


I am taking commissions again while looking for a job so any commission helps big or small. I do not have internet where I am currently at so I will be going into town every Friday at 5pm e.s.t to check emails, answer messages, accept payments, and post completed stories. Everything else under this will be my favorite subjects to write about (which will get me more enthusiastic about writing them and probably end up making me write them faster and in more detail) and what I will not write about as well as my pricing. There are going to be five commission slots but if the spots are full I will put your name down and return to you as soon as one is empty again. Further note: I am going to do these commissions on a first come first serve basis and pricing is final! Thank you all so much I can't wait to get started!

Commission slots:

1. (Empty)

2. (Empty)

3. (Empty)

4. (Empty)

5. (Empty)

Commission Pricing:

$10 per 500 words

Maximum words per story 3000, if above 3000 the price will change to $13 per 500 words after the limit. Each commissioner gets one rewrite after the story is completed where I will change a characters personality, dialogue, events, and anything else they wish if they did not agree with the version of the story I have written. Commissioners may not use this rewrite to gain a completely different story and will only be used to change certain details to better fit their ideal commission. Any major rewrites after the first will be a $15 charge.

With each commission you must give me exact details of what you would like in your story. There will be questions below I frequently ask my commissioners and it would be much appreciated if you answered them when asking for a commission. This helps me create the perfect story for you and avoids rewrites as much as possible. Character references are not needed but appreciated.

1. How many characters will be in this story?

2. What fetishes will be featured in this story?

3. What aspects of the story do you wish me to focus on in detail?

4. Tell me about your character's personalities. You do not have to go in depth about their backstory unless it is essential to the current story.

5. What time era/universe would you like this to take place in? (Optional if desired. If you do not provide an answer I will write as if it were present day. You may also request a certain society for this story such as "Anthros rule over humans as cattle" or "Anthros are able to eat others if they have a pred license" The only limit is your imagination so feel free to indulge me as long as its not complicated.)

6. How tall are the characters?

7. Where is the story taking place? (An alleyway, an apartment, a restaurant?)

8. What is the basic outline for this story?

9. If you do not have a picture reference for your character please detail them as accurately as possible about their physical appearance.

You may add any other details if I have not mentioned them and more is better. Data, data, data I cannot make bricks without clay! :D

I ask that everyone who reads this to please keep your commission ideas relatively simple as to avoid rewrites. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly).

Favorite fetishes to write:

Unwilling prey
Stockholm syndrome
Hypnotism (visually or drug induced)
Vore (all kinds but hard, yes even unusual ones but ask about those)
Sweat, musk, body odor
Chubby men/women
Poor hygiene
Scat smothering
Scat statue
Watersports (when used for scent marking or humiliation)
Gas (belching/farting)
Light torture
Messy/slimy kisses
Drool play
Food play
Graphic digestion
Cross dressing
Cum inflation
Size difference vore(big pred small prey only)
Same size vore
Soul manipulation/digestion
Underage vore

(will add more if I remember anything)

Will not write about:

Scat/Vomit/Urine consumption
Extreme gore (light blood is okay)
Limb removal
Complete cooking (light cooking is okay)
Berry tf inflation (.....don't ask)
Popping due to inflation
Genital torture

Thank you all for those who have read this in detail and are thinking about commissioning me. I also have an account on Furaffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/corbett5248/ I am more than happy to create additional accounts on other sites that may be more popular and hope to make your characters come to life on the page!
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