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Teeth? Posted 7 years ago
Okay so this is like... Pretty dumb but

Some people have been bothered that I've been drawing pony teeth more human-like. I figured that since they already have many human traits it wasn't that much of a stretch, and as far as I could tell the show has never shown shapes of individual teeth - so I went with a human base.

Do people prefer it this way, or would you rather more horse-like teeth? (Which I tried to do for the Sweetie Belle thing)

I know this is pretty menial, but I'd like to know what the general consensus is.
Pony preds people would be interested in? Posted 7 years ago
I'm thinking of what kind of ponies I should do next for vores.
Though both Spike and Gilda are on the table for me as well

I'm thinking maybe Luna, Gilda, or maybe Lyra next. Though I'm not entirely sure.

What kind of pred/prey combinations would you folk like to see?

(No Flutterprey, ain't happening, nope, sorry)