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Trap battle removal Posted 2 years ago
I've may of gotten too eager and released my latest story without consulting the characters' creators. I basically insulted them with this and because of that, I felt so bad for this that I've decided to remove the story from my gallery. I really did forget about that fact and hope those guys/gals would forgive, but for now, the story will be on the backburners until a later date. My apologies to ThunderKing and Draconatedz. :(
Poll ending Posted 2 years ago
The polls are over and its time to see what the results are! >.>
New terror for prey Posted 3 years ago
I'll be introducing a new character soon that'll be a main threat to preys all over, so watch out! Muhahahahahahahahah! 8O
RP or commissions Posted 4 years ago
I will not be doing any commission or RPing at the moment, but some time in the future I may want to do a one or two commissions, whoever is first or catches my eye. Until then, please refrain from asking me these thing. I believe I said it somewhere, but here will do, in case I didn't.