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Today's. Posted 9 months ago
My birthday!!!
Huzza! Posted 3 years ago
The Daru is back, and now finally can talk to his friends much much more! I'm horribly sorry that I was gone for so long, the internet was taken out and I had to basically fight for it. So, it's back now, and now I can talk to everyone so much more~!
Good news with a side of ...'ketchup.' Posted 4 years ago
So! After taking some medicine, and sleeping most of my days, I've felt well enough to finally do my normal things!!! But, today (for anyone wondering: 10/17/2016), I got punched in the face at college today. I'm perfectly fine, the guy that hit me backed off real quick when he saw I was still standing after being hit. For all I care, I technically won! So, huzza!!! (My nose doesn't hurt too much, I can feel a tiny bit of swelling, but I'm fine!)
Not the best of feelings x_x Posted 4 years ago
So, I haven't been feeling the best. Really ill ( headache, tummy hurts, very fatigued). Idk what I got, or how long I'll have it...But, hopefully I'll feel better soon.
The Succession of Vores! Posted 5 years ago
So, through out my life as a nice, lil wolf...I have been. I have gone through a lot of 'ways' of being eaten. I hope to be eaten in all ways, myself trying one named this 'Wing' Vore...its really fun!

Anal Vore: Digested, Let out alive, Lived in for 2 months... FoolyFox's brother, Faen.
Oral Vore: Digested, Let out alive, Lived in for uncountable time, Absorbed, etc. - Anonymous Friends
Unbirth: Turned into sap, absorbed, made back into a pup. - Anonymous Friends
CV: By only the Great FoolyFox himself, digested, have let out by his oh-so kind brother. FoolyFox and Faen
Wing Vored: Not yet.
Absorption Vore: Not yet.
Hard Vore: Hurts, but oh well. Anonymous Friends
Macro/Micro: Feels weird being so...
[ Continued ... ]