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Be safe! Posted 1 year ago
To all my friends around the world, be safe. And wash your hands!
Story Ideas Posted 2 years ago
I have been trying to write more lately and find that I do more when I am inspired by the community. My recent story, The Beach Flower, was based off artwork from a deviantart member and written with his permission and input. If anyone has any story ideas or artwork they would like to see turned into a vore story, please let me know. I am always looking for interesting ideas!!!!!!
New stories and Commissions Posted 2 years ago
I have not let the recent events stop me from producing vore, I have just switched to working on stories of an older nature. I have also been commissioned several stories from other authors and art from the talented people on other sites for here. I hope everyone enjoys them.

The newest artwork I am posting is a 9 (I think it will be nine) panel 3D art titles The Greenhouse. I will eventually write a story to go along with it, but until then, enjoy the pics.
And the dominos fall Posted 2 years ago
Due to recent events, a lot of my stories were part of the purge ( I know that they are not completely gone, just backed up for now). Because of the way I tagged a few of the stories, they were missed. Therefore, to help keep Eka's within the TOS for their provider, I will be removing those until this all plays out. Thanks everyone for the support on those stories. Please note that my older age stories are still here and I will just have to focus on them for a while.


Next Story Posted 3 years ago
My next story now that I am finished with my latest Cold Case Story is going to be rather long and in depth (I hope). This means that I may not be uploading anything new for a bit. This is predicated on me not stopping in the middle of the long story and taking a break by writing something shorter from one of my other storylines. I do have a few stories that I did not complete that I should go back and do, but somehow they lost their steam and I never returned to them. If anyone has any ideas for a really short story I would love to hear your ideas, I might use one of the ideas.

Thanks for the support,

Story Length Posted 3 years ago
A comment from someone today got me to thinking about the time I put into some of the stories. Does my readers like the longer stories or the shorter ones? I only ask because that will let me know what I need to focus on the most. Not to say I won't do both, just like to know what everyone enjoys more.
Stress Relief Posted 3 years ago
So I have been under a lot of stress from work and home the last month or so, and for some reason I have gotten more writing done during that time than I have in a long time. I am not sure if the act of writing is helping me cope, or if the two are unrelated. But at least I have managed to clean out a couple of stories from my "in progress" folder.
7000 Words Posted 3 years ago
So my first really long story is done (or I hope it is done) and it ended up being 7000 words exactly, not sure how that happened. After much changing to the story idea, I finally have it the way I wanted. So please enjoy A Cold Case Story.


Thanks for all of the support.

Long Story Posted 3 years ago
Well I don't normally write this extensively, especially just one story. However, my current outing is almost 6000 words and I still have two chapters to go, so I am looking at around 6500 or more when all is said and done. I posted section by section of the story in my gallery, just to force myself to keep up with it, which as worked rather well, except for one problem. I changed my basic premise for the ending of the story half way through. This may not sound like a big deal, except for the fact that I titled the story after what I thought my first outline would be, and that changed. So now I am going to have to go back and rename each of the stories, or, when I am finally done, combine them all into one and post it. More than likely the one story idea will be what I will do, just to...
[ Continued ... ]
Three Course Meal Part 2 Posted 3 years ago
I have finished the second part of Three Course Meal. I left it open ended while I decide where to go with the story. Enjoy.

This story is now up to 6 parts. I am posting each one individually but will combine them into one post once the whole story is done. I have made a major change in the story from where I was going with it. So I will probably be changing the story title and everything. :-D

Thanks for all the support.