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Leaving Eka's and vore and kink shit. Posted 2 years ago
I don't think I can really be bothered to make a full post about it.
But I kinda very much so hate a lot of this community.
"Vore" encompasses so much stuff and like
It kinda throws me off.
I just like drawing moderately chumby characters with cozy vore shenanigans.
But a website like this kinda,
It's clunky, it's got underage preds and shit which is literally pedophillia. I just really don't like it here. I could rant and rave about it but I really don't care too. I just wanna move more towards SFW shenanigans in general as well.

I'm still gonna be drawing privately but I'm not going to be uploading anything.

However, I'm leaving a few of my OC's to
[ Continued ... ]
NO MORE REQUESTS! Posted 2 years ago
so people are still asking so i feel like i should actually give an answer.
i'm not taking requests
stop asking
if you had a request in progress it's not being finished

so brandon14 you can stop bringing it up on almost everything I post now
because it's not happening because i don't enjoy drawing what is essentially:
Hyper sized futa
and i'm not going to force myself to draw something i don't want to draw

a quick glance at the commission status tab would tell you that much
Requests Closed Posted 3 years ago
Status: Completed - 1. Requests Closed for No One!
Status: 0% - 2. Post - Phoned Dinner for SpaceHump
Status: Reserved - 3. One Busty Boi for Brandon14
Status: 75% - 4. A Blooming Disaster for Macroflation

I hope you enjoy what i have planned!
Taking Requests! Posted 3 years ago

If you have an idea, throw them at me! I'd love to hear ideas of what to draw from people. Send me a note and i'll say whether i'll do it or not, because I have school, and sometimes that takes precedent.

Will draw:

Oral Vore
Breast Vore
Navel Vore
Anal Vore
Weight Gain

Won't Draw:

Excessive Farts or Burps
Feet stuff
Immobile weight or Inflation to Immobility

There's probably stuff I've missed, so just send me a PM if you have queries.
I'll only be taking a few before I close them again.