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Choo choo Posted 1 month ago
Here comes the NAC train... really really slowly!

Just an update that I'm still actively working on stuff. It's been nearly a month since my last upload and that feels like a long time, and since I have a reputation for burning myself out I thought I'd make this post.
No burn-out this time, just taking things slowly and practicing when I can on the side.
Plan going forward Posted 2 months ago
I got the commissions from the previous batch finally complete, I'll be posting them during the next few days.
For now I'm not making and plans or promises surrounding when I'll open up commissions again. I'm just going to focus on drawing my own ideas for now, I hope you'll all enjoy them! There'll be more same size, weird niche stuff, and regular smut all uploaded in a random mix.
Commissions FULL / no longer open Posted 5 months ago
I'll be deciding which commissions I'm going to take on Saturday. This is not a first come first serve scenario, I'll be accepting pitches now, but only deciding on the most appealing ideas to me on Saturday, to choose which commissions I'm going to take.

Generally I like seeing cute girls being defeated. Whether it's in another girl's belly, a monster's belly, or maybe non-vore stuff like petplay where the girl is on a leash. My whole shtick is the good guys losing and bad ends.

Will do:
- Female preds/Female prey (There's always girls in my art)
- Monster girls (Centaurs, Slimes, Nagas)
- Slimy internals
- Weight gain
- Multiple prey (Total party kill or whatever)
- Same size bellies
- Anal...
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Thanks for 150k views! Posted 7 months ago
That's more than I expected in my first year back, and it's very encouraging.
Thanks for all the support as I figured out how to juggle all the things in my life, and find my way back to drawing the content I love without getting discouraged like I used to.
Commissions Status Posted 8 months ago
Since I'm very slow at doing commissions, and I took on a ton this time, I'm keeping my progress public via my 'Commission Status' page. https://aryion.com/g4/userpage.commissi ... eException

I should have given everybody a number in line a couple of weeks back, your number should match up on this page(Ignore the automatic numbering on the left side, it's the number next to the percent complete). If you don't have a number, just message me and I'll tell you where you were.

As for the next commissions opening, I was originally planning late December/early January, but after crunching the numbers and knowing how long these current commissions will...
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Commissions Full Posted 9 months ago

In the sketch category, I'm more lenient on ideas and content. If you're interested in human same size bellies, or maybe just weird stuff, this category is for you. If you're really hoping I'll do a colored version of your idea, but will accept a sketch version if I'm unwilling to do a colored picture, just specify that either is acceptable.

Will do:
- Internals
- Female preds: Not restricted to, but heavily favoring monster girls
- Natural preds: Frogs, snakes, plants, etc.
- Anal vore(female pred)
- Sex

Wont do:
- Masculine pred/prey
- Gore/bloody stuff

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Discord server re-opening Posted 9 months ago
Welcome to the grand re-opening of my discord server. A place where you can small talk with me, see some of my work early, and hopefully just have a chill time. This time my server has a 100% less chance of me being moody and blowing it up, so I'd love to see you there!

Next opening date for commissions / Enjoying art a lot Posted 10 months ago
The next batch of commissions will be open on November 2nd, much later than originally anticipated because it's been a busy few months, but it's been a good sort of busy.


Now on to some thoughts. I've come to the conclusion that I actually don't enjoy the process of creating my own ideas/scenarios and executing them, but I do really enjoy the process of learning and problem solving. Taking this different approach where I just focus on the technical aspects has made art much more enjoyable to me. It just goes to show how many different types of strength there are when it comes to creative pursuits. The amazing thing was last year I would say I didn't enjoy the process and just wanted the result, and at this point in time I just want to enjoy the process and put...
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Commissions Plan Posted 11 months ago
Currently I have 1 commission remaining out of the 3 I originally took. Once the final commission is complete, I'm going to take a 2-3 week break to do more art studies/break time. When I finish that, I'm most likely going to take more commissions. Since I'm rather slow with commissions, I'm not sure how I'm going to approach them if I gain more interest, but I'll figure that out later.
Commissions? Posted 11 months ago
Would there be any interest in colored/sketch commissions? This doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be opening commissions, but I would like to gauge interest.

I wouldn't be doing same size humanoid preds, figured I'd get that out of the way first.

I'd like to work more on pictures that have slimy internals/girls in peril, and use preds like monstergirls(nagas, taurs, slimegirls, etc), creatures(frogs, snakes, etc), or giantesses.
I'd also be open to draw regular smut.

Examples of stuff I'd like to do:

This is the prime example of a picture I loved to work on and loved the result. Just a moderately bloated belly and some good contrast between pred and prey emotions.
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