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Willing or Forced Prey? Posted 9 months ago
I've never been sure what most find more appealing, though I do understand that both have a distinct appeal.

Should an enticing and curvy maid like Rem be an honored and privileged piece of meat that happily submits to the kitchen, hoping to fulfill her destiny and become a delicious meal that satisfies you. - Or... A buxom maid that has no idea you have such devious intentions, manipulated into submitting as she finds herself presented and tied up on the chopping board, begging for mercy from the heat of the oven or a look of dread as you show her the cooking spit. - Choices choices. Personally I always lean into the former idea, as a well trained maid that hopes to become a delicious meal, your Delicious Waifu. However, I definitely find the more dark and twisted reality of...
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