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Changing formats Posted 6 days ago
I'm gonna be switching my comics over to koikatsu in the near future. However, it likely won't be until I've made new models for my characters, or at least the ones I plan on using most often.
I got a creative way to explain the change, too.
Server Posted 1 month ago
I got a private discord server for my Rainbow Scout series. I'm mainly gonna use it for polls and brainstorming.
PM me if you're interested in joining.
A question Posted 1 month ago
I been focusing a lot on my magical girl series, and I felt I ought to ask y'all somethin.
What kind of content would y'all like to see more of? Would y'all like me to go back to my squishing stories? Or continue the Rainbow Scout series? Or just try something else?
I'm really curious what y'all think about my stuff.
Priorities Posted 3 months ago
As popular as my Rainbow Scout comics have gotten (well, moreso on pixiv), I'm afraid they're going to have to be put on hold for the moment.

I've been sitting on a wrestling project me and my friends have been working on for a while now, and I can't leave these stories unfinished any longer. As soon as i've completed them, I'll resume the Rainbow Scout comics and continue their story as well.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy, and thank you for understanding.
Berdthday Boi Posted 3 months ago
Today my berdthday.
Have a boi
Comics on Hold/Visibility Posted 3 months ago
I'm going to be putting work on my comics on hold for now, possibly until next year (which admittedly isn't that long).

In addition to also working on a holiday-themed story (or rather, a collection of mini-stories), I'm also working on a personal project that I'd like to have ready by January. I won't be posting or linking it here, but I'll still make it known once it's in a state I'm comfortable with.

On a side note, it seems that I'm attracting fewer people to my stuff on here. I began uploading a few of my most recent comics on Pixiv, and the latest one already has double the amount of views and almost as many favs despite only being up for a day.

I'm never gonna leave you guys, but if something does happen and I can't post on this site anymore,...
[ Continued ... ]
X-mas Special Posted 3 months ago
Gonna do a short series of bite-sized (pun unintended) holiday-themed stories with my characters. If you have any suggestions, I'll try and work them in there.
server reminder Posted 5 months ago
just reminding y'all that i gots a private discord server where we chat and help each other with stories
and y'all can get a peek at stuff before i upload it to here, or stuff i don't upload at all

pm me if you wanna join in
Redos Posted 6 months ago
Since I've gotten a lot better with kisekae and some of my characters have undergone redesigns, I'm going to be remaking some of my older comics and post them on pixiv as well.

The originals won't be going anywhere, though, so don't worry.
New Interactive Story Posted 8 months ago
Started a long overdue interactive story based on the setting of my stories.