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Buggin' you folks about my Commissions Posted 10 days ago
They're still open, they're probably gonna be open forever. So if you want futa bitches eating dudes with their big fat cocks, Android 21 turning everyone to burgers before scarfing them down, or your fat ass waifu inhaling people with her aforementioned fat ass, and everything in between, pm me.

That or you can check out my patreon, that works too. Either way, I get pizza

Commission Information:
September Commissions Posted 2 months ago
Still taking commissions and with me taking off patreon this coming October for some very BIG irl stuff happening, I'll have plenty of time to finish whatever I get, so if your interested, just take a peek at my commission info and pop me a PM

Commission Status:
Monthly Commission Reminder Posted 5 months ago
Just a reminder that commissions are still open. So if you like what you see, have a good look at the information down below and drop me a line. Want some futa bitches poundin' fembois and eatin' bitches, your waifus guzzling down ungodly amounts of Pizza to build big fat ass, your husbando swallowing the key to your dick cage, or (almost) whatever your degenerate little hearts want, look no further!

Commission Status:
Commission Prices up! Posted 8 months ago
I'm gonna be bumping up my commission prices again. If you already have a commission on the list, don't worry, those estimates will stay the same. I'm considering on changing up the extra fees to drop some and replace them with a fee based on the word count, but I'm still working on the details there.

From now on:
Shorts will be 25$ base price, no change to fee costs.
Minis will now be 15$ base price, no change to fee costs.

If your interested, click the link below! At the moment, I won't be closing up commission slots, so just hop on in and drop me a PM!

Commission Status:
Commissions still open Posted 9 months ago
So with my patreon taking a few hits here and there as of late, just throwing out a reminder I'm still taking commissions. If your interested, have a look at commission info below and pop me a PM. I'll do my best to have it done as soon as patron work is complete and before the next cycle begins. Every little bit helps.

Commission Information:
Discord Update Posted 11 months ago
If you wanna see the stuff I've finished but haven't posted yet, I added a gallery channel to my discord where you can read it; just in case, y'know, you don't wanna wait for my lazy ass to get around posting it.

p.s. shouldn't have to be said, but only 18+ allowed.
Oof Posted 1 year ago
Haven't posted anything in the past few months, so I'm gonna bundle everything I've written for patrons in month based collections to catch up and post them at some point. Sorry for bein dead quiet! =3
Current Commission Status Posted 1 year ago
Commission List:

Try to cut through these bad boys as quickly and efficiently as I can, but here's how things are looking so far! There's no limit to how many commissions I'll take, just note that it may take some or alot of time to get to them cuz Patron work comes first. If you don't mind a wiat and are interested, just pop me a message.
Thank you for the birthday wishes! Posted 2 years ago
And gifts! along with all the birthday pizza, turning 28 hurts a lot less then it would've! :lol:
Payhip Update Posted 2 years ago
So, I've fallen suuuuuuuuuuuuper behind in updating the storefront with packs and posting demos here and on DA thanks to being so busy, but I'm workin' on fixing that! Posted last year's December pack and starting with that one, I'll be including an epub file along side the usual PDF so (hopefully) you can read the packs on your fancy pants phones. Thank you so much for your support everyone, wether your a patron, a customer, or a simple reader, it all means alot!

Patron Pack Issue #7: