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Oof Posted 6 days ago
Haven't posted anything in the past few months, so I'm gonna bundle everything I've written for patrons in month based collections to catch up and post them at some point. Sorry for bein dead quiet! =3
Current Commission Status Posted 3 months ago
Commission List: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FD2sieuX9xsELy4PP8_ctwYky-Ln2YKv1cUXB2RNypE/edit?usp=sharing

Try to cut through these bad boys as quickly and efficiently as I can, but here's how things are looking so far! There's no limit to how many commissions I'll take, just note that it may take some or alot of time to get to them cuz Patron work comes first. If you don't mind a wiat and are interested, just pop me a message.
Thank you for the birthday wishes! Posted 9 months ago
And gifts! along with all the birthday pizza, turning 28 hurts a lot less then it would've! :lol:
Payhip Update Posted 9 months ago
So, I've fallen suuuuuuuuuuuuper behind in updating the storefront with packs and posting demos here and on DA thanks to being so busy, but I'm workin' on fixing that! Posted last year's December pack and starting with that one, I'll be including an epub file along side the usual PDF so (hopefully) you can read the packs on your fancy pants phones. Thank you so much for your support everyone, wether your a patron, a customer, or a simple reader, it all means alot!

Storefront: https://payhip.com/DoubleOSnake
Patron Pack Issue #7: https://payhip.com/b/WJGN
Chronology Error: The New Boy series Posted 1 year ago
So, I forgot that the real Part 3 for The New Boy was a commission and that the part 3 that I posted earlier was actually Part 4. I'll have part 3 uploaded with links to each part of the stories and part 4 edited to reflect the proper order. Got this all mixed up with another series I'm doing for the same patron, Apologies! ^^;
In regards to PDF's Posted 1 year ago
For those who use phones to read my stories, I'll throw a google drive share link in the descriptions to hopefully let'cha read my stuff without having to download the file. If there's any problems, don't hesitate to let me know! :D
End of April update Posted 1 year ago
Not much to say this time other than Sybil's real name is getting tweaked to fit in with the rest of her demonic family. This means that Never Mind the Noise is getting touched up too, so if you purchased it before the edited version goes up, just drop me a pm or I'll email you from Payhip with the new version. Edited Have a Drink on Me as well to reflect the new name AND that Eka's now has a PDF reader. Awesome!

From this day forth, Sybil's true name is Hyrsea! Kinda sounds more like a badass warrior princess that can't beat your ass than Vivianna right? Then again, she's still likely to be called Sybil still more than anything else outside whatever I got cookin' behind the scenes at the moment. ...
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DoubleOnSnake’s Patron Pack: Issue 1 Posted 1 year ago
My first pack of stories is up for sale! Once totally exclusive to folks pledging to my patreon, now you too can get a pack of five mini-stories at the low, low cost of $5! This particular one was the very first pack: the Experimental Patron Pack, which includes the following.

Love on the Inside - Contains: F/F, Oral, Sex, Casual Vore
With Coffee on the Side - Contains: Casual Vore, Oral, F/F
The Great Queen’s Great Belly Ache Mistake! - Contains: F/F, F/M, multiple prey, Consequence of Overeating
To the Victor goes the Midnight Snack - Contains: F/F, Oral, Casual Vore, Consequence of Overeating
Little Bite of Brain Freeze - Contains: Macro/Micro, food stuffing, Consequence of Overeating

If you’d...
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Happy New Years! Posted 1 year ago
Welcome to 2019 everyone! Hope you had a good time with the coming of the new year! <3

...Oh! And I'm back from my trip!
Won't be here for a bit Posted 1 year ago
Going on a New Years Trip to the mountains with the family, see you guys in four days!