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Commission Overhaul Posted 2 months ago
After having several very successful runs, I’ve come to a decision about how I approach commissions. As of now, instead of the system of Base prices and fees based on the difficulty of writing stories I’ve been using for years (which is honestly more complicated than it needed to be looking back on it) I’ll be adopting the standard writing commission fare of price per word, starting at .02 cents per word (meaning 20 dollars per thousand words) with no fees save for one to cover the transfer fee. Because of this change, I’ll also be doing away with Mini-stories and Short Story types considering that commissioners can choose what length they want. At the moment, I’d like to do about 5,000 words max per com, but if I’m given enough info where I feel like I can write more than that, I’ll...
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Commissions Still Open Posted 3 months ago
I'm still wide open for coms and I'm trying something new with them. If you'd like help me beta test and have an idea you'd like to seen written, drop me a PM
Happy Fourth Everyone! Posted 5 months ago
Sorry my posting has slowed to a crawl in the past year or two, if you wanna see what I've been workin' on behind the scenes, check out my discord group! Just posted a whole bunch of stuff I haven't gotten around to posting here and everywhere else yet!

...oh yeah, if you want some coms my dudes and dudettes, they're always open. :D
How many ways can I bug you about Commissions? Let's find out. Posted 7 months ago
Spots open forever still, come on down and get you some SMUT.

Commission Info here:
Patreon if you interested in that:
Wanting to Branch Out? Posted 9 months ago
Not bugging anyone for commissions at this very moment to ask if there's other parts of the interwebs I can post my stuff? Already on DA, but been thinking about Fur Affinity. However, I dunno if they allow non-furry content and that I'll just have to post whatever little fur stuff come my way.

So yeah, if you, the person reading this at this very moment, just so happened to have any suggestion, lemme know. If not, well I dunno hope you have a cool and chill day my dude/dudette. You probably deserve it! :D
Once more, I bug you folks about my Commissions Posted 9 months ago
>Give me money
>I write stuff to the very best of my ability that makes whatever between your legs explode with joy or something
>Use money to acquire Pizza

I feel like I should beef up my M/M line up here, so if you got something Fembois eating guys, come on in and let's do this yaoi vore shit my dudes n'dudettes.

Commission Info here:
Patreon if you interested in that:
Happy New Years Folks! Posted 11 months ago
Hope this one's better than the last. Doubt it, but hey, never lose hope.
Buggin' you folks about my Commissions...again Posted 11 months ago
Oh man, here I come again to tell you that I'm still taking commissions. Want a futa giving some big titty milf a tit job in a python's belly? What some super hero mofo eating overpowered ultra lady with their butt and stealing her powers? How about the Grudge to come out of the TV suck your soul out your dick? Maybe you want to be some giantess's living suppository? Better nab a spot while you can cuz next year, I may or may not be bumping up prices again in a big way. So come on over to this place where I write smut and stuff and get you some!

Recent Patreon Updates Posted 1 year ago
So over the past week or two I've been trying to tweak my Patreon to be more than just getting a truck ton of making it so can get a few more stories on top of that truck ton outside of my Patreon! Below are two big changes I've made, effective immediately!

Patreon Update 11/24/21 - Tier Commission Discounts

Earlier I sent out messages to my patrons asking for feedback regarding to tier price changes and other things to bulk up my Patreon. I'm implementing one of those ideas now.

All tiers will now get 25 tier's discount, which will be tweaked from a percentage to a flat amount based on what tier you're on; i.e. if you're in the 4$ tier, you'll receive 4$ off if your patron that commissions me outside of Patreon. ...
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Buggin' you folks about my Commissions Posted 1 year ago
They're still open, they're probably gonna be open forever. So if you want futa bitches eating dudes with their big fat cocks, Android 21 turning everyone to burgers before scarfing them down, or your fat ass waifu inhaling people with her aforementioned fat ass, and everything in between, pm me.

That or you can check out my patreon, that works too. Either way, I get pizza

Commission Information: