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Updates: Now with less Hurricanes and Insomnia! Posted 1 year ago
Alright, let's try this again now that most hurricane scares are well and truly over and I'm back to schedule.

Florence was a bit of a wild ride here. Nothing truly bad happened in my area, but that might have been the most dangerous one I've experienced in my life that I can recall. We were on the edge of a lot of flooding, with massive paranoia over the river since my house is a mile away from the range of the evac zone. I guess that lead to a lot of panic in me, as like I said, never really experienced things that clearly bad. Even Matthew from last year didn't trigger this level of alarm. And it didn't help that I...was frankly not prepared to go that long without being able to go out for food and such. Anyway

Things are all recovered and nothing...
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Updates: Life and Work Posted 1 year ago
Hello all. Finally in a position of regularity where I think I can safely return to frequently updating at least this after so much time in utter silence.

I've taken the steps with the health department to get medication regularly for my blood pressure and recently discovered diabetes. A lot of stress from that, but having most everything handled, I can at least rest easier on that front. Though I still need to implement some lifestyle changes there, too. I've also managed to get my sleep under control. I can safely link any bouts of intense sleep to depression or stress now, and have been somewhat decent at regulating my sleep pattern for a consistent schedule outside of days where I can actively point to a massive bout of depression or anxiety as the root problem. I mean,...
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Out of the hospital Posted 1 year ago
Hey all. Writing in to update everyone. Over the weekend I was admitted into the hospital after realizing that half of my face was effectively not moving. I felt no numbness and aside from a bit of watering and discomfort in that eye, hadn't noticed at all until a look in the mirror. When I went in, it was made a priority to make sure I wasn't suffering or had had a stroke without realizing, and my high blood pressure had them admit me rather than release me to return home. Had no signal so hard to update folks while in.

During this, they did rule out anything such as stroke, labeling the problem as simply a case of Bell's Palsy, but did discover I am diabetic on top of my high blood pressure, so I've been put on medication for those issues. It's a lot to take in, but as I've...
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Updates now that the house isn't falling apart Posted 1 year ago
So, this year opened up with a ton of nonsense that seemed hellbent on keeping me fucked. How 'bout that?

Our plumbing was borked for a good few months, and I was constantly on call to try and fix it despite in no way being qualified to know what to do. I'd end up being kept without sleep sometimes just to be an assistant to someone else attempting to work on it, even, because my family seems aware that they will never help out or even remotely understand an explanation of what's going on, so come wake me up as I'm just laying down to try and sleep. Logic. We finally got it solved, though. Turns out it was an issue on the city's line, meaning we wasted time and money trying to deal with it on our side of the line. The pipe had busted under the road, so the city repaired that...
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Updates and returning Posted 2 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm sorry to have vanished so much in, what, a year now? While I've not exactly ceased all functions, I have mostly failed at maintaining a presence and communicating as I should. I feel like, however, that if I don't make an attempt now, I'll never be in the position I want to be in to start as I'd prefer anew. So, I'll provide some insight to fill everyone in who cares to read.

Life has been basically a string of consistent setbacks that have kept me from fulfilling duties in the timely manner I desperately want to return to. At each lull, I think things will improve, only for something else to strike. While I am recovering my schedule in terms of getting sleep, it has still been a bumpy ride on that path, and outside of even that, I've been ending up having...
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He lives! Updates and a comeback. Posted 3 years ago
It's been a while since I've been in the public seat again. I do sincerely apologize to all who took note of this or worried due to not having contact with me, but I'm alive. I'll fill you all in on why I've not been around. You see, I have still struggled with regaining my sleep patterns in a way that really let me function like I should, and I'm not certain it's really fixed yet either, but I'm trying to at least create enough of a stable pattern to not leave me such a mess that I can barely operate. It seems to be working, so I thought to give announcing myself a try again to hopefully rekindle a pattern I once knew.

I will be making updates to the queue next week. I know I owe a lot, and I cannot thank you guys I do owe enough for your patience. The reason I'll wait on...
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Signal Boosting a Friend in Need Posted 4 years ago
Sorry for lack of my own updates. Sleep issues and the like have me off again, so I'm mostly just catching up while I try and set things right. But for now:

http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zeara/ Is in a really rough spot himself, and I'd like to help get a bit of attention out for him. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7319025/ Check here for details. He's taking as many emergency commissions as he can, including animations. If interested and able, please, drop him a line and/or possibly spread this info around if you can.

Everyone needs help sometime, and maybe there's something...
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Weekly Commissions Update Posted 4 years ago
Ahoy, folks! Good news~ Seems my sleep schedule is holding firm since the last update. I'm getting used to being back on a normal schedule, so hopefully, I can begin a proper blitz. X3 Moving on, I'm also going to be caught up in uploads today. I should likely start uploading personal work now that the commissions are caught up again per week for uploads. So, I may start doing that tomorrow. Not too much left to comment on... I've actually done a lot of off queue work this week, too, haha, so my queue doesn't reflect everything done. |3 Sort of an oversight on my part, I reckon. Anyhoo!

As always, I'm still open for commissions. The slots are slowly freeing back up, so who knows, getting caught up totally should be achievable~ As always, if interested, you can check empty...
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Weekly Commission Post and Updates Posted 4 years ago
I say this a lot, but, for once, I think I've finally managed to fix my sleep schedule. It's been holding massively steady and I'm really hoping that using the trick of fasting to reset myself really did the job. Been waking up consistently and feeling completely rested, and when I have slept in, it's been only an hour or 2 as opposed to 6 or 7. >_> I'm pretty happy with this so far, and hope it sticks so that I can finally and fully return to a full weekly basis without anywhere near as much need to roll over incomplete ones.

With that, as always, I do still hope to hear from anyone interested in a pic or comic. My TOS and queue are listed here: ...
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Weekly Commission Slots and Year's End Goals! Posted 4 years ago
Ahoy all! You may have noticed my lack of presence last week. While I did get work done, I lost a lot of hoped for progress due to sudden sleep issues. ...and at least one point of just forgetting my alarm wasn't even set in the first place. Oy. But, it's almost 2016. I gotta do better, and make this back to being per week. So, nothing to do but to do it. I guess the plan of action for posting will be to do so as close as I can to waking up, every day until I'm caught up on that front, or back enough to do one post at the beginning of the week.

So, from here on, nothing to do but full steam ahead. I'll keep you all posted on streaming if I situate that soon enough, too. :3

For now, if you're interested in a commission, feel free to drop a line. My TOS and Queue...
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