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Brief update Posted 3 weeks ago
Hey folks.
Just had two consecutive gut punches as I had lost two of my dogs in the span of two weeks.

I *was* in the middle of getting some things done here with all that going on, but I believe i'm really just going to need to process things for a few days here.
Should have something up soonish, but I just need a mental break before I finish.

Apologies, but thank you for understanding in advance.
Raffle Winners (8/1/22) Posted 2 months ago
All winners announced here:

Just here, however, we have  darkgucon and  balanced-guy as our Eka's Winners!
Lil Update Posted 2 months ago
Apologies, been on a brief hiatus due to a number of reasons. Just... a lot going on.
Should have new stuff soon.
6/3 - 6/10 Raffle Winners announced Posted 3 months ago
We have 3 winners from here, and 2 from Twitter, all mentioned here:

tldr is that  z3d  gonzaii1313 and  twinkle won here.

If you didn't win this time, don't worry, i'll host another after this one is complete.
Minor update Posted 4 months ago
Apologies on the sparsity lately, finals and whatnot.

Starting next week i'll more time to work on stuff so there should be an uptick.

I'm also planning more of these subsequent sketch based community activities, so hopefully that should start serving as proper intermittent content.

However, while I do plan to upload what I can here as I have been, i'm still not primarily a vore artist, and do have some other things I want to work on simultaneously like I used to do. Currently there's nothing set in stone about that, but I hope that you guys would be interested in the other stuff I put out in addition to what you're already accustomed to. Think of it less like "Oh he's not working on it?" and more "He's working on it, but also offering...
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Regarding the Reimagined Comics... Posted 5 months ago
Taking a little poll here so I know how to divide my time.

Would you prefer I work strictly on the comic here, so that upload after upload is just that comic, even though it may take a bit longer, but it's a continuous story, or would you prefer I do it as I go, so that I can work on other things and give out a wider variety of uploads between each page that comes out?

I figure it's likely one or the other, I'm just interested if you guys just really want them all at once or if I can take my time.
Ko-Fi back up Posted 5 months ago
Howdy folks. Nothing big this time, just wanted to mention my Ko-Fi is now up again.

I uh... had deleted it during a weird time and just never got around to bringing it back.
It's now linked in my bio if, for any reason, you enjoy my work and feel like supporting me or just giving a tip.
The link itself is here:
Warm-Ups 1 Posted 6 months ago
Little raffle going on via twitter for a free bust sketch, something to help me get back into the swing of things.
If you don't have a twitter, unfortunately I don't have anything else in place! But i'll be trying to make these more frequent, so the next one may be a bit more open.

If you wish to participate, you can do so here:
Little something regarding commission revision... Posted 6 months ago
Over on DA I have a poll running right now, link here:

Basically i'm gauging just whether paying over time, or in stages, would work better as an optional method of payment if you don't wish to pay all at once or can't pay all at once. Make it more affordable and available.
With the upcoming revision of my commissions, I believe it should make it fairly accessible, and would appreciate feedback on that idea, in addition to any other ideas you may have that might help when it comes to making higher end commissions something less scary to approach.
If you don't have a DA account to vote, I...
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A certain rule of the internet... Posted 7 months ago
Howdy folks!

Not a super big announcement, but I did want to mention i'm looking into starting to get my newer stuff back onto R34. I just go by "Efir" on there, dropped the "Doodles" part, made it easy, similar to how I have it here on Eka's.

Kinda... didn't upload for a while there so a lot of the stuff is back from my traditional art days, and I wanna start flooding that stuff out, y'know?

Either way, I just wanted to say that If I miss something that is allowed to be posted there (Obviously we know what we can and can't put there, like both Christmas images, Parent Teacher Convorence, and Just a Little Taste won't be there) then feel free to add it. I don't mind my work being shared around, after all, and it doesn't hurt to get...
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