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God this sucks

Posted by DragoxDugles 13 years ago


Rolla, MO sucks. If you are going to go to Rolla, make sure you have WoW or you are going to kill yourself. Me, I found out that I was gay, furry, and a vore at Rolla, so I was kept busy. Now, I just want to get out of this place. I want to find a boyfreind. Trying to find a boyfreind here is like fishing in a field. There might be a puddle, but it isn't worth it. I want to go back to Lawrence, KS where all my freinds are. One thing that is going to be fun is a fetish show that is in a couple of weeks. I decided to make clothing that would tell people what I was. I took a shirt and wrote 'EAT ME' on it in big neon letters. On the back is 'PLZ?' and 'vore' and 'prey' are on the sleves. I found a costume shop in Rolla and they had some cat ears, I'm going to be wearing them along with a colar and leash. My pants are made of black t-shirt material and have 500 paper clips on them. I even spelt out 'YIFF' on one of the pant legs. It should be fun to meet other people and see what they like. I just want to get out of this fucking town. Oh ya, I found the best D&D book ever, Savage Species. It has all sorts of stuff for making monsters and othe creatures. It even has stuff to make anthro animals. ^_^ My DM even agreed to let me become an anthro cat in the campaign(having a wild mage in the party makes anything possible). Well, I need to work on the fucking paper that I need to do. I'll come back when something pisses me off.
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