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Second story. Posted 11 years ago
My first vore story has been a success and now I'm working on a second one. The next will be an original story, featuring a python named Saria and a horse named Katia. This one will actually be pretty romantic. This story will also be a test for myself. Taking existing characters is pretty easy compared to making up your own, I hope I can make both of them relatable and interesting.

If my storytelling abilities grow I might try my hand at a bigger project, featuring an original world and multiple chapters. The rough draft so far:
-A land within a "cauldron" of mountains and several biomes pretty close together that are home of different anthro tribes.
-The cities are pretty much at the borders of that cauldron and due to the different biomes they are...
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First entry. Posted 11 years ago
Alright, my first blog entry. First thing I wanna talk about is my interactive story. When I first started it I wasn't so sure if it's going to catch on. First I posted it on this sites interactive section but quickly found out that the interactive section of Eka's is kinda inactive so I moved to where the story is currently approaching the 250 chapter mark! I haven't received much feedback but the feedback I got was pretty positive (not counting the one troll). Anyway here's the link: ... Magic-vore

I have also written another MLP vore story for this site, also available on...
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