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Uploading Posted 1 year ago
Going to be uploading a few things I've drawn over the last several months here and there whenever I have time. I moved last summer and have had a lot more energy to draw as the commute to my day job is shorter. If you follow me on FA, its gonna be stuff you've already seen. I've just been too lazy to keep a 2nd gallery maintained!
Re-Establishment Posted 5 years ago
Trying to get myself back into the swing of art. Currently working on a loose ref sheet for my nagas since its been years since I've drawn them. There are so many things I want to draw but the hardest thing is getting them finished before I lose interest, its very hard to focus and I am a slow drawer. Suffice to say I am definitely NOT OPEN for commissions anymore until I can get my shit together.

Anyway, if you've been watching me all this time, thanks for your patience, and thanks even more if you've left comments on my work- your loving support over the years helps more than you may know. <3
Commissions Open Posted 8 years ago
I updated my commissions page and would like everyone to know I'm currently available for $20-$40 pencil commissions.
I have been taking them through FA for a while now and want to make myself available here too.

Please read the full details here ->

Please keep in mind I love drawing character art too, you don't have to ask me just for vore stuff.
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Go check it out! Posted 12 years ago
Bitter has written a most excellent story using my naga concepts. If you like my stuff, you should love this story for sure. I like Bitter's stuff in general when it comes to writing, be sure to check out the other stories too if you haven't!