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I am a Lucky Motherfucker Posted 7 months ago
No more need to advertise my availability, rn. As of tonight, I am taken.
Thirsty Author Seeks Meatgirl GF Posted 7 months ago
On one hand, it would probably be more constructive to use dating sites if I'm going to SERIOUSLY look for a gf. Or, worst case scenario, to actually leave the house and talk to people irl once in a dang while. But if I was going to look for a girlfriend, I would like it to be someone I could RP my kinks with and draw cannibal fetish art for... either that, or someone who is such wife material that I'd be willing to set those things aside to suit her. But the latter is basically as much of a hypothetical as saying I'd consider dating a guy (theoretically yes, but my standards there are so much more stringent that, practically speaking, no, I wouldn't).

So, I dunno. Consider this my solicitation for a girlfriend, I suppose. If anyone is interested, feel free to PM me.
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Restored Posted 1 year ago
Yay, my old stuff is back from the shadow realm. Cautiously hopeful, I make the bare minimum emendations.
Uploads Posted 1 year ago
Am I the only one having trouble with uploading stuff? Two pieces I want to get posted today, but I'm not able to put either one up because I keep getting an error message from the site. That's kind of annoying.
Patreon Launched Posted 2 years ago
It was a pain in the ass to get that thing through, but it's finally launched... You can support my work here:
Possible New Patreon? Posted 2 years ago
Decided to try starting a new adult Patreon. Apparently those need to be manually reviewed now? Don't even know if it will be accepted, but if it is, I'll post a link to it here, haha. Probably won't post any big, patron exclusive content, but I will give slight discounts on commission rates.

Assuming the Patreon doesn't get rejected for some dumb reason. If it is, then all of that is moot, lol.
random thoughts Posted 2 years ago
Dagashi Kashi seems like it could be a fun setting to experiment with for dolcett fics. I have almost no familiarity with it, though.
Figured Out Posted 2 years ago
Alright, I've got a gallery up and I can start moving stories onto here. Suppose I should probably get started on that, then, eh? Haha... This'll take a while, lol.
HOW DO I DO THINGS Posted 2 years ago
Decided to try posting some of my work on here. Now I just gotta figure out how the fuck I do that, lol.