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Emotionally rough two weeks. A lot of not so positive things. If you are looking for postivity, might not be your cup of tea. Posted 1 year ago
God it's been a long long time since I last wrote one of these. One that wasn't centered around a holiday of some sort. So as you can tell by the title, this one isn't going to be a positive blog. I need to get some things off my chest and honestly this is the only place I could think of. There will be some positive stuff mixed in, but most will be negative.

Last week was rough near the end, but near the middle of it had been pretty good. Met a new woman who things would eventually go towards us dating. She's a very kind and caring soul (she's since claimed otherwise I wish to believe in the good in her) and she's been a positive change in my life. Then came the weekend which was rough waters for the most part. I helped her move and by the end of Saturday was entirely burnt...
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Merry Christmas ya filhty animals~ ;) Posted 1 year ago
I'd get slapped in this day and age for saying that, even with a playful tone. Ha ha ha, man how times have changed since those movies huh?

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas filled with spending time with your family, friends or loved ones (or all of the above). I hope it's a warm and wonderful holiday filled with love and memorable moments.
Welp, Returning my Pre-orders of the new Pokemon games. Posted 2 years ago
Went to my local Gamestop for to pick up my copies of the new Pokemon games, only to find out online that they literally copied and pasted every single Pokemon 3D model from the old games (3ds and the Go games) to the new games, while GameFreak claimed that they were made from the ground up.

Hell it's looking like even the animations for both Pokemon AND Human characters have been reused. I don't even know what I paid for at this point. Like what? A new story? Cool. Some new models for the region? Great, but then again even the tree models and other landscape models are turning out to look like utter garbage. I remember hearing about how that not all of the previous Pokemon were going to be in the game and honestly I didn't mind. Not that big of a elitest I just want to have...
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A general decription of Daragoth (as my Fursona) Posted 4 years ago
I am welcome to input on the idea's that I am about to list, though dramatic changes probably won't be considered. This is what I have so far for my new (and hopefully) permanent Fursona named Daragoth Vespear.

**A aquatic horse, with fins on forearms to assist with movement while in water.

**Has a chained necklace that holds a water sphere (bead) that holds a key to his heart. The key is made of liquid so that only the one who truly loves him will be able to hold the key without it falling through their fingers.

**Tail is bound by glass bands that hold his tail in a way that doesn't slow him down when in water. And at the end of his tail are two glass spheres that can contain either breathable air (for those who cannot breath under water), or just...
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New Rito children. They look to huggable! Posted 4 years ago
Been playing the new Breath of the Wild game on my Wii U (no, didn't get a switch due to a lack of launch titles), and I just got to a part of the game that you help these five Rito sisters solve a sort of puzzle.

The new Rito design is damn awesome if I do say so. They look so beautiful in their own way. Personally I favor this design much more over what we saw in Wind Waker. Don't get me wrong, I like Wind Waker (have the HD version along with my old GameCube copy), but I like the new BotW design far more.

Also, I want to hug and cuddle the new Rito children. They are SO DAMN CUTE! So much love for them I have. Even the adult Rito are ones I'd cuddle. >_>

Also (at least for the now), I ship Link and Revali SO hard. I am not even a person that...
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So Long 2016, and thanks for... Posted 4 years ago
So long 2016, and thanks for all the fish!

Wait...I think I have the wrong reference. xD

Oh wait! That's right.

Fuck you 2016!

(John Oliver for the win!

Ya, that's more like it
Anyone else think the same about this? Posted 4 years ago
Been watching anime recently, and one of the ones that I do have fun watching is called Fairy Tail. There is a nice large cast of characters, good humor and even really heartfelt emotional scenes that really get to you.

So with such a diverse cast, it makes me wonder why some of these characters aren't represented more often in vore. Or scenarios with vore.

One of the characters that I think would really work well is this one:
(You can find a Wikia page about her here

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like there are a lot of good characters vore artist could pick from in this anime. ...
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So I guess it's that time of year again. Posted 5 years ago
So I guess it's my birthday again. Nothing special really, just another year older.

Gonna have dinner with some of my family, other then that nothing planned.

Hope everyone else is doing well!
FA (Furaffinity) got hit HARD. Should Eka's Users be worried? Posted 5 years ago
So for anyone here who is a user over on FA, they will have (by now, if not soon) found out that a massive attack was carried out on the website. At some point in time, the source code for FA was copied and then put onto USB drives. Apparently these USB drives were handed out at a recent convention. Due to them being handed out, anyone had access to the site code, information and so on. Using this, a hacker directly attacked FA and now about 6 days worth of content has been last (as they last did a site backup 6 days ago).

My concern is this. What sort of counter measures has Eka taken to help prevent this? Is it possible?

I know vore has a smaller "fan-base" then the overall one of the Fur fandom, but Eka's (as a site) still exists, meaning a attack can...
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It's interesting... Posted 5 years ago
You know it's interesting that even with all the great, and nice people here on Eka's, there are still some really hurtful and heartless people.

Even when they are the first to contact you and ask to be friends with you on other forms of communication (Skype, Steam and so on), it's them who are the first to judge you and discard you because you don't meet "their" standards. I know that some people struggle with social communication, but that does not prevent you from working things out or working with each other to both become better people. I don't want to say his name, but a user here on Eka's just told me that "my efforts were not good enough, and that they don't want to live with someone like that around".

Are people really that heartless?...
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