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SLOTS ARE CLOSED Posted 2 weeks ago
Slots for the PopSqueek YCH are now closed!
Here's the 5 lucky fools!


I will work on them as soon as I can!
Thanks for participating!
Last Chance! Posted 2 weeks ago
this is the last day to enter the PopSqueek YCH. It ends tomorrow!
YCH reminder Posted 3 weeks ago
Quick reminder that the PopSqueek YCH here is still open til the 5th if you haven't signed up yet.
Also to clear up some confusion, when I say "ref" I really mean just in image or two that shows me what the OC looks like. I don't need a full blown ref sheet lol ^^
Imma do this every day until the 5th because I want as many people to get a chance as possible, so if you wanna spread the word a bit, that's also appreciated!
Removing the Weight Posted 2 months ago
This post is mainly regarding some projects I had planned, and I'm thinking Imma pull the plug on them for the time being. Things have been a bit stressful for me and I've taken on a bit more than I can chew. This doesn't mean I won't revisit them eventually, but for now I'm cancelling them to lessen stress. For those worried about the EaF's, don't worry, I still fully intend to do all of them.
As for the wolf pack project, I'm sorry but Imma cancel it, at least for now. Thanks for understanding
NEW ARTIST ON THE RISE Posted 3 months ago
A friend of mine I met on Discord recently decide to start getting her work out there, as she should! She only recently started posted her works last night, and I wanna send her as much clout as I can!
Go give a follow and support her however you can!
Pred/Prey survey thingy Posted 3 months ago
Just a fun little idea I decided to do here.
Basically, I wanna know of all my characters, who are the top 3 you want as pred and the top 3 you want as prey.

In a format such as this to keep it simple:
Pred-char1, char 2, char 3
Prey,char1, char2, char 3

(note, not ALL of my characters have refs yet, but their names are all listed in their descriptions I believe. Also, Smiles is banned, being the newest and an obvious shoe-in as pred)

If you feel like adding more preys/preds to your list, in case you can't make up your mind, you can expand, but to no more than 5

Wolf Pack Submission Thingy Posted 3 months ago
Okie, so I'm scheming this little project involving Wolf preds. Basically the idea is I would draw peep's wolf oc's and my wolf oc's after hunting as a sort of "pack". I was wondering if anyone is willing to let me add their wolves to the "pack"

This will be multi part with group pics of prey-filled wolf preds. No digestion, internals, sequences, or anything like that. Just mass vore.

My only rules are:

-1: must be anthro. Not humanoid (human with animal ears and tails) and not feral.

-: there must be a ref and they must be yours. I won't be drawing based off descriptions.

My DM's are open. (note, just like with EAF, I won't be doing EVERY SINGLE request. I will be picking the ones that catch...
[ Continued ... ]
Spooky Series! Posted 3 months ago
The month of the spooks is almost upon us, and you know what that means?
A set of spooky themed characters! I have a few in mind, but if you got any spooky char ideas in mind, feel free to lemme know!
If you are somebody I have made art for, you are ALWAYS free to post the piece I made for you onto your gallery. You don't even need to ask first. All I ask is that you credit me first. (note, ONLY if you are someone I have made art for)
TWEEEEETER Posted 4 months ago
I'm deciding to enter the cess-pool that is twitter and try to be semi active there ase well as my main socials. Might even see pieces there that might not appear on my socials. Who knows?