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My Xvideo account and proper NSFW videos. (last update 24/05/2021) Posted 5 months ago
Don't go expecting to see any stuff of me on there showing a titty off any time soon. ;)

my latest vid below: the uncensored parts of part 7's golden fingers. just encase you wanted to see her titties yeah i totally went for the 2 girls 1 cup thing skyrim vore - unbirth and anal vore (porn vids like these usually dont have clever titles.)
Character Profile 2 Posted 5 months ago
Character Profile 2

Character Name: Shadow Puppet
Race: Feral Argonian
Outfit/s: Nudity, Dark Brotherhood Armor, NPC Disguise
powers: Gifted sneak, Savage Claws, Feral upbringing <- a wild picture of her claws out <- a wild picture of her relaxed <- a wild picture of her relaxed <- a wild picture of her claws out <- a wild picture of her enjoying the feel of the water

note: First off, yes.... that is her name. I named her on a whim and when I got in deep, I realized I could not change it. anyways sure yes it does...
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Character Profile 1 Posted 5 months ago
I want to make a few random Blog posts talking about the characters I've made over the years with Vore mods. I'm not great at writing and there'll surely by grammar mistakes but i wanted to give it a try! ^w^

Primary Image :

Character Name: Golden Fingers aka Ral'mi
Race: Glitched Khajiit
Outfit/s: merchant outfit + standard thieves guild outfit
powers: Midas Touch

A Khajiit with an unusual lust for Gold, she was Discovered by the Spriggan hugely out of bounds, in an area no NPC should be able to go to when the Spriggan investigated she found an unnatural amount of gold in such an area filled with the nasty smell of rusted metal, fetid water and damaged code.

This Khajiit had some usual...
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clear up some videos [last update 09/02/2021 ] Posted 1 year ago

check these links for more vids

I wanted to try and clear up 10 videos try and censor that a bit for personal reasons.

This area will house links to the uncensored versions.
now some parts do contain censor that can't be removed because they were already rendered, im not going to reshoot an entire scene at this time
some other parts aren't even that extreme but i felt like they needed a cut for maybe showing too much skin? maybe i need to wake up and smell the coffee. heh

I'm a Dumbass because i was trying to keep them on onedrive
but found an easier way hopefully. Xvids

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Uncensored Scenes. 08/06/2021 - nothing major just some khajiit titties Posted 2 years ago

check these links for more vids

I always go heavy on the censoring in my videos sometimes people ask for an uncensored version
so i want to dedicate this Blog to the clips without censoring.

All the vids i've made so far are backed up with the original video file so im unable to edit those
so i'll start doing this from current vids i make from now on.

It's not going to be the full vid just the saucy parts that we're all here for right? ;)
Click the URLs and enjoy! <3

previously I had the long link to onedrive
but you had to copy paste the entire thing, to ensure ppl can view it easily i piped...
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youtube ones or something. 30/12/2020 - updated links Posted 4 years ago

check these links for more vids

Just updating the links because Pornhub went full commando on 13 million vids taking it down to 2 million
because of suspected child porn, revenge porn videos and other problematic videos
none of mine though im a good little girl honest!

anytime I add something new the titles date will change to reflect that.
its going to be pretty sad when it doesn't get updated anymore won't it?

glad computers and internet sites like this can.........remember for me.

anyway I've made some youtube videos
stuff is censored so I'm making this blog post as an area where I can...
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My Devourment Dialogue Mod || 18/04/2021 (last devourment dialogue for old skyrim update) Posted 5 years ago
Last updated: 18/04/2021 released the final update to my devourment dialogue mod

Forgetful Hatters Devourment dialogue expansion

It Began as a little experiment and I'm enjoying and learning as i expand it.

I got two videos to show off the features NSFW site but you're already here anyways, shows off the farmer dialogue shows off the guard dialogue *latest vid shows off stuff and you can hear my voice!*

The mod is a dialogue expansion for devourment.
I originally made it for devourment version 0.65c
but really its just dialogue so unless the...
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