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Yeah okay, OUCH. Posted 1 year ago
:( Okay, I'll do my best to sum up what I feel I can in as short order as possible because there appears to be two or even three fires that need to be put out and I'm confident that I have enough motivation to get out ahead of these matters as quickly and as transparently as possible.

As some may know, I've spent a lot of time trying to introduce a certain sort of method of incentivizing Public RP in the chat's "Roleplay Room" (and later, perhaps, a more streamlined battle system in the...
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I am Heartless Posted 10 years ago
There was once a Heartful girl in a large and vast world, yet in this world, the girl felt she never really fit in. She was scared and afraid of much in the world, but was always brave enough to venture out into it to find a place she could call home.

After many years, she found such a place after the rest of the world became far too scary for her to bear any longer. She was told of the place by a dear friend, to whom she was grateful for.

She arrived with nothing more than a bag of seeds, her precious flower and her heart as she valued only those things most. Certainly this place would be the place she could finally settle down and finally fit in. The people were so wonderful and kind, they shared the same interests and likes just as she did.
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I give up. Posted 12 years ago
I finally decided to give up on a few people who Just utterly wrecked my morning.

Firstly, the cute guy across the street who I've had a crush on for ages. I used to work with him at a restaurant, but I never got around to talking with him until after I was fired a few months back. When I did talk to him, He told me that that he was celibate, which really shocked me so bad that I haven't attempted communication with him a while after that day.

And secondly, my cousin, the main reason I was fired in the first place. While I was still working at the restaurant we had threw a party for the manager, and I took a picture of the manager while he had a shocked expression on his face. The thing is that the picture was digital, and My cousin got his hands on the...
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H.C.D. I think i might have it... Posted 12 years ago
Hilarious Confusion Disorder.

Yeah, i made it up, but it's the official definition of random for me. I think I'm random right now, but that's not my name at all, but I'm acting like I'm random. Who's random? I don't know, you tell me. I'm random. No I'm not. I'm just acting random. Am I random? Yes I am, but not in person, It's just fun to imitate the said feeling of not knowing what I'm going to do next.

Did you even understand any of that? Yes? No?

Well, I don't really care so, YAAAAAY! ^_^

Today, I'm gonna just totally let myself go, be free and totally uninhibited. To hell with all of those ridiculous and loathesome feelings, they only bring me down anyway. It's time to get down wit mah baaad self!

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Irreconcilability Posted 12 years ago
I never paid it any mind until now that I've been just as bad as the asshole at work.

It took all of twelve months just to figure it all out. >.> and now I suddenly feel enlightened.

I think that a lot of people have problems lateley because the refuse to look beyond their own selfish needs. I won't deny the fact that i've been selfish, or rather you, I've been more selfish than any of the visitors, friends, and regulars who visit the site and chat.
It's not really a good thing for me to be like that, but to be honest, it feels good to get it off your chest. It's like a plague, it just keeps eating away at you and it will eventually make a monster out of you. v.v It's like getting your ass kicked by yourself without knowing it, it's just better...
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