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Belated Halloween Story Up: 'Party Pooper Posted 1 year ago
A quick belated halloween commission about a predator trying to figure out where his fellow party guests went.

As always, please let me know what you think.
New Twitter Posted 1 year ago
Come say hi.
Story/Drawing trades Posted 1 year ago
It isn't a secret that I haven't been uploading much lately, and I think part of the issue is that I'm lacking any ideas I really want to follow through with, and maybe I need some outside ideas to get my mind moving again. With that said, is anybody interested in doing a trade of some sort?
A new (sort of) illustrated vore story is up! Posted 1 year ago
If my last story was too brutal for you, then I'd suggest giving Housecall a try: It's a macro/micro full tour story involving a predator that has a habit of eating too many objects, and a prey nurse that's more than happy to go inside and helps get things moving again. It features one of Kitnip's ( characters, and some of his art throughout that he's been so generous to let me use. Chapter one is up now, and chapter two will be soon to follow.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.
I gave soul vore a try. Posted 1 year ago
I also wanted to write something else with Krystal, and do some more sci-fi stuff. This is the result:

Aside from soul digestion, there's gas and disposal and the other perverted stuff I usually write in there, so be warned.
Welcoming back the old stories (And a new one up on my site!) Posted 1 year ago
It looks like uploaders can finally see their cub stuff in their gallery again, and have the option of making it publicly visible. I've gone ahead and re-enabled viewing by registered users on all those stories, and uploaded a new one from a while back featuring some underage prey.

In addition, I also have a newer vore story up on my website: As always, it'll be uploaded to here after a few days.
New-Old Story Up On My Site Posted 1 year ago
This story was written for Halloween 2017, but I recently stumbled onto it again and realized I had never re-uploaded anywhere.

Trick or Treat: A tale of a young cub who's having the time of his life dressed as candy, and a very drunk rhino that has a habit of eating what he shouldn't. You can currently find it on my site here:
New Vore Story: The Bouncer Posted 1 year ago
I wrote a quick new vore story, featuring a bouncer that has to deal with a very unruly guest. For now I'm uploading my stories to my personal site a few days before I put them anywhere else, so check out the link below to read it. Also keep in mind there are a few stories there that aren't on Eka's at all!
Come party like it's 1999 at my new site. Posted 1 year ago I have a new site for my stories. Every story I've written and posted on Eka's is here, and then some.
AGDQ is coming up, and I need contributions for a related story Posted 1 year ago
So AGDQ is nearly upon us. To celebrate I'm going to write a shitpost of a story about the annual Awesome Guys & Gals Digested Quick (AGGDQ) that I just made up. But I'm going to need some help!

I want it to be inter-spaced with announcers reading out fake donations just like in the real thing. I'd love it if you could reply with something or a few things you might like to be read out during the year's most popular vore stream, with a name, message, and amount of your favorite currency (And no, you don't have to actually give me real money). So everything will be read out in roughly the format of:

"We have a five dollar donation from Tasty Wolf: So happy to see my favorite predator on the big stage. Wishing him luck on his 100% digested run, and sending...
[ Continued ... ]