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New Vore Story: The Bouncer Posted 1 year ago
I wrote a quick new vore story, featuring a bouncer that has to deal with a very unruly guest. For now I'm uploading my stories to my personal site a few days before I put them anywhere else, so check out the link below to read it. Also keep in mind there are a few stories there that aren't on Eka's at all!
Come party like it's 1999 at my new site. Posted 2 years ago I have a new site for my stories. Every story I've written and posted on Eka's is here, and then some.
AGDQ is coming up, and I need contributions for a related story Posted 2 years ago
So AGDQ is nearly upon us. To celebrate I'm going to write a shitpost of a story about the annual Awesome Guys & Gals Digested Quick (AGGDQ) that I just made up. But I'm going to need some help!

I want it to be inter-spaced with announcers reading out fake donations just like in the real thing. I'd love it if you could reply with something or a few things you might like to be read out during the year's most popular vore stream, with a name, message, and amount of your favorite currency (And no, you don't have to actually give me real money). So everything will be read out in roughly the format of:

"We have a five dollar donation from Tasty Wolf: So happy to see my favorite predator on the big stage. Wishing him luck on his 100% digested run, and sending...
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Setting up an Inkbunny Posted 2 years ago
I just thought I should let everybody know that I have a new gallery I'm setting up.

I'm still uploading my old work there. Pretty soon I'll have the stuff that was removed from Eka's (plus a few new things I can't upload here) up on there.

Go ahead and give it a look. If you only see an empty gallery, you may need to adjust your allowed ratings.
Does anybody have a copy of my elephant tours story? Posted 2 years ago
EDIT: It's been found. Somebody was kind enough to send me a private message with it.

I had a story called Elephant Tours that got swept up in the recent purge. Looking through my laptop I can't seem to find a copy. I'm sure one still exists at home, but I'm on the other side of the ocean right now, so I can't easily access it. I was planning on getting that and the rest of my old work (plus a new story I've been working on) together to upload someplace else.
On the recent purge of underage vore Posted 2 years ago
I know this news is kind of old, but I'm only just now hearing about it. The country my job has me in right now makes it pretty hard to access the Portal, or even get on Tor. Anyways though...

I'm obviously a little bit disappointed that I've lost some gallery items, though I know other users have lost much greater portions of their gallery. I'm not upset at all with Eka or the administration though. From what I can gather it seems like they tried to do the best they could for their users, given the very tight deadline their host gave them to act. I'm hopeful that it'll all be resolved soon enough, and everything will be restored to normal.

In case that doesn't happen though, I'm going to start looking into alternate places to host my work. Inkbunny seems like one...
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Come follow me on Mastodon and I'll write something for you! Posted 2 years ago
Do you enjoy my vore stories, but also want to know what meaningless stuff I'm up to in my day to day life?


Well that's too bad! I'm on Mastodan, a sort of decentralized Twitter-like network, where thousands of nodes called instances can interact with each other.. Come check it out and give me a follow if you want - I'm @Foxgut on the instance. It's a tiny instance, but it's also macro/micro and vore friendly.

Just to sweeten the deal, I'll write you a microfic (no more than six or so paragraphs of you swallowing or being swallowed by someone) if you follow and say hello to me on there.
my budget Posted 2 years ago
Food £200
Data £150
Rent £800
Krystal Vore Commissions £3,600
Utility £150

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying
not sorry Posted 2 years ago
Fox suddenly points at Krystal's distended, squirming belly. Horrified, he exclaims "Good LORD what is happening in there!?"

"Aurora vorealis." Krystal responded plainly.

"A... aurora vorealis!?

At THIS time of year

At THIS time of day

In THIS part of the Lylat system

Localized ENTIRELY within your stomach!?"

"Yes!" Krystal cheerfully replied.

"... May I see it?" Fox asked inquisitively.

"Sure~" The blue vixen replied, grinning as she licked her lips, before beginning to part her jaws...


thank you for coming to my TED Talk
Ideas for a Krystal/Star Fox vore story. Posted 2 years ago
'Ello, everyone. So if you've looked through my gallery you've probably seen most of the artwork I have is Krystal related. And yet, I haven't written a story featuring her yet, because I just can't settle on an idea.

So please feel free to pitch your ideas on what sort of story you'd like to see you'd like to see her in, bearing in mind I almost always stay with micro/macro themes. This isn't a guarantee that I'll write all or any of what's suggested, but I want some fresh ideas to rattle around my brain.