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Corona Virus is bad Posted 2 years ago
I"m joost posting this because i believe we can get through this together
Anthro Mother Tank Posted 3 years ago
okay so i want an SFW of my Hermaphrodite Mother tank and her adopted son :) here she is i don't have a ref for her son yet so mix this image

with this image: but the young boy is only 5 years old so he has to be tiny in the animation

She's a living vehicle...
[ Continued ... ]
Twisted Metal Fan Game Posted 3 years ago
making a video game that is demolition derby + Death Race + World Grand Prix, please if you have skills in animation or video game making ? come to me i need 1 animator, 1 Main Voice Actor and i need a 3d Modeler
looking for making a Street Fighter II Worthy Pose ! Posted 4 years ago ... hter_3.png ... e=5998781F

anyone think they could make a nice guile like pose for my Panda Flare ?

Will pay up to 30$ minimum !

(( if interested PM Me ))
OCT 6 Posted 5 years ago
this year on OCT 6 i will have an anniversary of my account on here where i offer a Specialized peice of Artwork for any seeking some i will use the best quality i can provide like i always do, and it will be Template worthy if you wish It's open to All
Only Possible Solution to Polygamy i see Posted 5 years ago
Simple in this World not in earth Absorption where every new wife you pick is given to the original to upgrade the first and give them a Hyper Personality, Extra Energy and Double the Emotions in the best ways Why have multiple Wifes when you can have a Super Wife that is all
Fyra Tank Rose ( Now Available On RolePlayRepository ) Posted 5 years ago
she's available !
Making New Outfits and What Not Posted 5 years ago
im making new apearences and outfits for my Character Fyra Tank Rose Daily !
Adicted to Reasonable Roleplay Posted 5 years ago
News i'm done using my other characters for a while, i'm stuck on Fyra T Rose Fyra, Tank Rose to be precise :3
ADICTED TO ROLEPLAY Posted 5 years ago
please if you need to roleplay do it with me,

i use