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Commissions Posted 4 months ago
The details are posted in the gallery or just go ahead and click here:


You can contact me DM via twitter

or PM me here! Please do not hesitate to ask questions, I'm open to most ideas!

Thank you!
Small Ink Commissions//NOW CLOSED Posted 4 months ago
I'm going to close these since I now have my computer back! I'll be making my full commission sheet shortly, so I'll just be finishing the current requests received before this closing!!




I'm having a little sale on small,simple ink commissions while my computer is being repaired.

Examples are shown in the twitter link.
Regular: 10$
Shading: 20$
Additional Characters: +10$

PM me details and references! (on twitter or here)
Payment comes first!

Please send funds to my paypal at:
[email protected] ...
[ Continued ... ]
Sigh Posted 6 months ago
Depending on if I lose my job tomorrow or not, I may open up commissions.

Just a heads up!! ♡ I'll get a new comm sheet together at some point too.
Guh Posted 7 months ago
I just want to talk to peeps
I'm just afraid I'll sound/read like a complete dumbass lmao

*** EDIT
Am I losing my fucking mind?? Why can't I reply to yall??? D<
Calendar Girl Posted 9 months ago
Sooo, I came across some stuff from the good ol Batman Animated Series...

Saw Calendar Girl, who I don't remember, but her outfit/mask would be uhhhhh really good pred material oops

idk I like creepy, dark mask preds. /shrugs
May make one based on her design, but maybe with scary hair that can extend and be used like tendrils..
hhh Posted 9 months ago
Sorry, had to adjust that picture. Reuploaded!


Hyeplo Posted 1 year ago
As mentioned in my recent submission:

I've run out of energy for like. Most/all communication. idk I have these slumps where I just. idk I zone out on shit and it's kinda just taxing to reply to peeps and I apologize in advance!!

Like I love talkin to ppl and being friends I just
suck at replying, get distracted, or just get involved/tired. idk anyways just know I don't hatecha. Just need escape.
Dude Preds Posted 1 year ago
Hmmnn maybe if I get time and energy, I'll figure out some male pred art and slap it in here.

Any suggestions? Ideas?? What do you guys not see much as far as male pred vore art that you'd like to see??

Just to clarify:

I don't give a rats ass if you don't like my art. There are plenty of other people who do!

Moving on!
:y Posted 1 year ago
man, if I had the damn time to color and finish some of the stuff I started

that'd be great....

these 9:30am to 6pm shifts don't help with the fatigue, but... thanksgiving break is coming along and hoowee, maybe I can conjure up something.

A couple of very good artists are making me want to do a little body horror though... /weeps