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Written Works Posted 4 months ago
I do have written works that I've been submitting to Furaffinity, maybe I will be uploading some here too? Been debating on this subject. I mean, I probably should submit vore stories on a vore website. Just thinking more of the newer ones rather than the older ones. I am not the greatest writer by any means, but I do enjoy trying to spin a tale, or just start swallow and digest everyone, total vore trash~ I'll think on it.
YCH, Commissions and trying to raise money Posted 1 year ago
I've already stated this on my FA, but here it is over here.

I will start things off with some lovely information that work has been absolute trash for hours and pay... I'm hurting for cash and not recovering well at all because I cannot pick up enough extra shifts to rise above the trash. So...I got paid today, which is less than rent. The hours thus far for next payday will be barely enough to consider food after bills and rent are paid. I'm in a tight bind here, this job is a dead end, I want out of it but the economy in this city is getting thrashed again and again because of the oil sector and the virus.

Commissions are opened up again. My commissions have been fairly cheap but I really do need to make some more cash, sorry everyone. Please everyone keep in...
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Art and arts Posted 1 year ago
I think that is enough submitting for now! I will continue to update the gallery in time so I don't do a mass spam like that again. Takes a lot of energy to type up so much and browse through so many images to find ones you want to submit. Anyway, enjoy the small bit of drawings I've shared!