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together we as a community get to pay someone 200 dollars to fuck off.
No but legit though thanks yall for the kindness i actually cant fathom the kind and amazing people on here and other platforms who have heklped me out of this situation.
Also this is super late in the confusion i forgot to announce it here lol.
But yea !
so imma get on these coms, and then once Creep moves out imma do a q/a cause that was fun last time i did that and ive changed as a person enough to warrant that again :P
im bad with words thanks for the kind words and mons yall
BACKSTORY FOR EMERGENCY FUND COMS for those who want it Posted 2 years ago
ok SO
Lore: I live on campus at the college I go to. Back in November I had two roommates, we shall call them Chill and BFF. Chill is a fellow junior and BFF is a first semester freshmen. The reason for this age gap is we all live in the LGBT dorm, which jumbles everyone up cause fuck the lgbt am I right? But also is cool like I am a bi trans woman, Chill is bi genderfluid, and BFF is a cis(ish) lesbian. We all part of the acronym n so we all vibe from shared hardships. Became fast friends and just vibed together. We live in a four bedroom dorm with a common area that is like a living room/kitchen combo.
For most of the semester it was just us three and an empty bedroom and it was quite epic. Just hanging out and getting classes done. One day we get an email saying that the...
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EMERGENCY COM DISCOUNT ! ! Posted 2 years ago

I HAVE the world's shittiest roommate !! I can not go into details but she has emotionally abused a close friend of mine and in general been just an actually bad roommate.
She was gonna transfer to another dorm but needs to pay a 200 dollar fee. Somehow she does not have the money
Additional upcharges for complexities will ALSO be discounted

PM if you interested this deal is in effect till i get the cash !!

if yall interested I am down to just go OFF about all the bullshit ive been going through since november oh my god i just want this bitch out
Biden Won !!! Lets do requests to celebrate !!! Posted 3 years ago
Nothing off the table go wild we just saved america !!
no double dipping if you saw this on twitter tho >:P
Thanks yall for another wonderful pride month !! Posted 3 years ago
Drive was bigger than last years by a wide margin !
The final vore tummy should be up later today/tomorrow morn depending on how fast i can get college esssays done !!!

and also a really big Thank you like oh my god thank you SOOO much to everyone who donated !! We raised 111 dollars for charity !! !!
Thats a sizable chunk of change !!
holy shit oh my god im so proud of this community right now ! !
whether u where motivated by fat ginger or wanted to donate to trans and bi charities it does not matter to me~

Thanks yall for all your support !
Final Day Of Drive! Surprise multi voting opportunity !! Posted 3 years ago
Tis the last day of my pride drive !!
So I figured why not open up the ko fi donations for multi voting!!
If you’ve already donated you allowed to donate again to vote more !
Vote for the same body part or vote for a dif one idc it for a fat ginger and charity uwu
Link in description of vore drive post
Thinking about making ginger variations Posted 3 years ago
i wanna experiment with new outfits for my sona/main oc

yall got any fun ideas~?
Ginger's Bakery opening yet again ! Posted 4 years ago
My art critic/artist hangout server: Ginger's Bakery is opening for another round of joining !
A place to seek art criticism and hang out if ya want ! we got media discussion chats now so chilling is also an option, tho the focus is def on improving ya art.
I hold monthly art contests and is a fun chill place full of good people !

This time no need to pm me theres a link right here:

(nevermind door closed again)

feel free to join up and improve ya craft ~
Slowing Down Posted 4 years ago
I never wanted kink art to be my main thing. It was always meant to be a fun side thing. Draw some vore some butts have a good time ! Give back to the community that has been providing me comfort from my sad sad life since I was like 10. Use it as a fun way to experiment with my posing and expression game. Get better at drawing curves. Maybe make some cash so I can buy some stuff I dont want people in my irl life knowing about?

Though slowly but steadily its grown to be a larger thing in my life, taking over my time. While I grow in artistic abilities my normal sketch books have become barren as I try to crank out another belly or another cock to chase that attention high. My normal accounts never get any traction but here I bring joy to so many. Ive inspired many to pursue...
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HOMESTUCK FLASH SALE Posted 4 years ago
to celebrate pesterquest and also cause i need some quick cash !

The next 4 HOMESTUCK THEMED coms that are ordered within the next 24 hours are half off the final price !
1 slot per person
reply below to get ya slot then dm me !

if below you see 4 people who have gotten slots then better luck next time friend !