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Sketch bomb Posted 2 years ago
Sorry about the sketch bomb. That's all!
What would YOU want to see more of here? Posted 2 years ago
Hey! You there!
I know I've been quiet and drawn back for some time now. But I feel that I should upload some stuff soon again. Soooooo... I thought I'd ask around first, what would people wanna see more of in my gallery? I'm not going to please everyone I'm afraid, but I'm curious about what people are craving more of!

Hope to hear your thoughs!
Christmas cleanout Posted 3 years ago
Giving you all a heads up that I plan to cleaning up a bit around here soon, so some stuff will vannish.
Will see if I'll take the time to upload something new soon. Hope people are doing well!
Still around Posted 3 years ago
Still around, and still thankful for having the vore comunity to share this zany fetish with!
Holidays Posted 4 years ago
I hope you have the best ones! With so much eatings! Appreciates you bunch a lot!
Artmageddon Posted 5 years ago
Sorry about that, but figured I'd actually post something. So i posted a lot!
Years end sketchdump Posted 5 years ago
Ended up home by chance today. Figure I'd upload a few of the stuff I've sketched this year but not uploaded as a ender of 2015. Most of 'em in Sketches folder, some in post-vore scat, one in 'other'. Hope you have a good newyears eve
Holiday greetings Posted 5 years ago
Hope you all will have happy vorish holidays, I'm away on mine now! See you all later~
AIM messenger Posted 5 years ago
So yeah, fed up with jumping ships on AIM messenger accounts, so not planning on getting a new one. For those who I talk to on AIM, contact me on PMs for keeping in touch!
Oficially back! Posted 6 years ago
Thanks for all holiday wishes ! I hope you guys had a great one.

Woah, another year passing by huh. A year with some porn. Some life. Some regretable decissions. Some very good decissions. I hope this year will be all good for you folks.
Hi to all I havent propertly greeted yet. I've been bussy coming back to job and life again. Got a big backlog here to catch up to as well :s I will get to you people... sometime.

There where no christmas or new years porn from me, but I will get back to some drawing for this year for you people. Peace~