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SketchPack Store Updated Posted 4 years ago
sketchpack store has been updated with the newest packs.
Bye bye Tumblr I guess Posted 4 years ago
my tumblr got reported for something and I havent heard back from tumblr to find out what... so uh... welp... that sucks... I'll wait and see, might just not bother with tumblr again.
Patreon Update and Ejunkie Posted 4 years ago

So to start with I have decided to do something a little different for sketchpacks something I feel will work a little more efficiently.

I have created a store via ejunkie purchase where you can get sketchpacks outside of patreon. Instead of emailing each sketch pack per month, I am going to be sending out coupon codes every month via email or patreon Pm according to your preference. These coupon codes can be used in the ejunkie checkout to get a free sketch pack. Now ejunkie only allows one discount code per purchase so if you receive 2 or 3 codes you will ave to make three separate purchases. Also requires you to put in some personal information, Don't feel like you have to put in your real information you can make up a name for all I care, but...
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Vore Day Requests CLOSED Posted 4 years ago
No longer accepting request if I didn't get to yours I apologize, there was way too many for me to do all of them.
3 more commission Slots open Posted 4 years ago
Needed a bit more then I thought this month! so taking 3 more slots:
Commission Prices Here!

Support My Art Patreon
Vore Patreon Relauch Posted 4 years ago
Vore Patreon Relaunch
Ahoy! I'm excited to announce the reopening of an exclusively vore themed patreon. With a new introduction of sketch packs!

Every month I will be making three sketch packs with 15-20 sketches each, with a specfic vore theme in each one.
The following tiers give you access to sketch packs
$3 per month- 1 sketch pack of your choice per month
$5 per month 2 sketch...
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Just a little Update Posted 4 years ago
I was able to go to my grandma's funeral last month, and it was nice to see family. I'm sad but I do know my grandma died peacefully and that makes me feel little better. She was a very religious woman, and according to my family she had insisted when she was put on hospice that she was ready to go home.

On more brighter news Im pulling into full gear to get my commission queue done, though frankly it seem sto never end. I should have a clear queue (with the exception of one longish comic commission I have) by the end of the week, hopefully sooner. After the queue is cleared Im gonna take commissions in smaller more manageable batches.

I'm gonna be redoing some things on my patreon, and I'm gonna be trying to do more of my own stuff and not just be engulfed in...
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Taking a Few Days off Posted 4 years ago
I just received word that my grandma passed away, so I won't be posting for a few days, or sending out anymore commissions WIPs.
Weekly PinUp poll Posted 4 years ago
Ranma was the winner so expect that soon will be posted on my patreon first.

Next up is anime traps! Becasue I love dem femboys
weekly Pin up Poll Posted 4 years ago
I'm going to try to do weekly pin ups, probably both a vore and nonvore version. I'll just be choosing a theme each time, so to start with.
Anime babes from 90s and 80s