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I'd hate to do this [hiatus] Posted 3 years ago
Had me some artistic burn out so it might be a while until I open up commissions again. I have one left to work on and I think a couple more to post so expect those. I'll let ya'll know when I'm up for more next time
Open Commissions Posted 3 years ago
I'll do a b&w sketch your wife for $15. Open to 5 pictures right now. Female Pred+Oral only for right now

DM me or contact me at Just Shawn#0130 on Discord
New name Posted 3 years ago
Oh hey an update. Might try and revive this account I 'spose. No promises
Kill me Posted 5 years ago
For I am a lazy
Todokete Posted 5 years ago
setsunasa ni wa namae o tsukeyou ka “Snow halation”