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eBook Posted 1 month ago
I had an amazing journey creating a Role Play story with  FluffyLizardFunTime a while back. She fleshed out our writing into an incredible eBook on Amazon - please go check it out!
eBook -
Cover artwork -
New 'ME' Posted 2 months ago
I decided to update my profile picture.
For anyone that is interested,
this is completely computer-generated by AI, from an illustration image as a reference.
Commissons Posted 3 months ago
I've been asked a few times now by people asking for me to write for them.
It is really amazing, and I'm blown away that people like my work.
I've opened up a commissioned tab, if anyone is interested.
I'm not sure on timescales/timeframe - it all depends on real-life work!
New Story Posted 4 months ago
I'm still playing with this first-person style.
My second one, is called 'The Siren'. It's very minimalistic, you create the scenes in your imagination.
I hope it works!
It kinda is and isn't vore... depending on how your mind works.
Obviously, MY mind takes it to vore :)
The Hunger Posted 5 months ago
Well, Ive done my first collaboration!
Check out the story 'The Hunger', which was inspired by the wonderful Lepetitejane1111 - who created the image in the story (not the icon).
On a roll Posted 5 months ago
Hey guys... well the writing bug, has firmly taken hold... which for you means another story. Hope you like it, let me know ... or DM me to chat!
New Story - The Journey Posted 6 months ago
Hey Guys, as promised, here is .. finally ... a new story from me. Its rather a long one, which features the usual interesting topics of Vore, plus a bit of discovery and love between Kate and Liz. Hope you like it... let me know either via comments or why not PM me directly - i love to chat!
Hey… I’m back… sort of! Posted 6 months ago
Hey, just wanted to say I’m now back… and a little more active on here… personal life is allowing more time to read and watch…. And hopefully write!

I’m just starting out on another story with Kate and Liz…. Will see where it ends up! :)
Still Here..Just Posted 1 year ago
Hey everyone, yes i'm still here, just not into writing at the moment - maybe one day soon i will be able to spend some time and energy creating more erotic bizarre stories. Until then, stay safe and healthy.
Slow again Posted 1 year ago
Really sorry for lack of posts - the world we live in currently has changed; unfortunately Ive not had the time to spend creative writing, to which i miss myself. Hopefully the situation will change soon.
Stay Safe Everyone.